Epic Duel: Resistance: Fall of Man vs. Halo 3

GameXtract writes "Okay everyone, first I would like to welcome you to the premier of GameXtract's "Epic Duel". In these articles, we will be comparing games that are either of similar genre, released on the same day, or pit against each other by the media and the gaming community. For our first Epic Duel, we've decided to put Resistance: Fall of Man against Halo 3. Reason? Well, they are both first-person shooters, and they were pit against each other by the gaming community. So if you're ready, let this Epic Duel COMMENCE."

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theKiller4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

i rarely read something that bias was not into it!!

amazing review, now i wish all reviews look at games like Jeff Hyma did (the reviewer)!

its really unfair comparison yet R:FOM in some thing was better than halo 3 and it was a launch title!!!

i really wonder what will resistance 2 will do?? it will crush both halo 3 and gears of war 2!!

and i dont even have to talk about killzone 2, R2 will finish the job that master chief didnt finish!!

Zhuk4324d ago

Comparing one of the greatest titles in gaming history (Halo 3) to a mediocre launch title (Resistance) is absurd. Only Xbox 360 and Halo 3 have the makings of a true AAA title

play_b3yond4324d ago

Good joke buddy. Everyone knows Halo 3 sucked a$$. How could you call Galo 3 a AAA title. 6 out of 8 of my friends who bought Gaylo 3, traded it, in the first week. The game doesn't even look like a M rated game, more of a E rated sh!t. But you are right about xbox being the only consol capable of making AAA titles such as Infinite Undiscovery and Too Human.

juuken4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

...Like Flop Human and um...Infinite Floppery?

Come now, are you serious? The only game on the 360 that interests me is Ninja Gaiden 2.

militant07: Yes, a girl that's interested in NG2. This is a girl who beat all four modes in Ninja Gaiden Sigma and could have probably done it with the original one and Black.

You fail.

militant074324d ago

a Girl intersted in Ninja Giden 2 ?

OmarJA4324d ago

hey yo Zhuk what happend to infinite undiscovery & Too Human ?


cemelc4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

How can this @sshole compare graphics? its a game that came a year and a half from resistance 1, aside he said its unfair(if it is so unfair why even bother putting it just tell that "this category does not apply and move on).

And online? of course it would win every game has tendency of ripping of the things that made other games great halo did that too.

The funny part is Story wise Resistance Wins, in weapons too, and in characters also, so is practically he is saying the single player was better at Resistance 1 than in Halo 3.

In the end you want a fair match why don't you compare halo 3 multiplayer against COD4 and see who survives?

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big shadow4324d ago

i would have to say halo 3

Overr8ed4324d ago

you know what, i have to agree to disagree. Halo 3 was good (had a lot of fun online) but the story was so bland for me. Resistance Fall of Man had go a little closer to the Single Player more then the Online itself. R:FoM had a good Mulitplayer modes but it didnt vary as much as Halo 3. The thing is that Graphics is what matters in the 'Duel' its more of a duel who is going to keep their top spot for FPS games. Right now it looks like R2 is going to go ahead and make the game more deep with the new 8 player co-op with separate story and such. R2 just needs to work with the Graphics.

cleanhealthy124324d ago

RFoM > Halo 3

Halo 3 >>>> R2

Cenobia4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

@1.2 ........

The "alligator" eats the bigger number, so I'm fairly certain you screwed up what you were trying to say there.

Either way I don't really see Resistance being better than Resistance 2.

Comparing the main xbox exclusive to a PS3 launch title doesn't really seem fair. Why not just wait for R2 and compare those?

uie4rhig4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

would make the ultimate FPS game :)

but yes i kinda agree with this article ..

IaMs124323d ago

Cenboia re read what he was saying... basicly he saying RFOM is better then HALO 3 and HALO 3 is better then RFOM2... basicly his opinion is RFOM 1 beats it all... just because you love the first one doesnt make you love the 2nd game..

Cenobia4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

@laMs12 - But how does that make sense? How many people have actually played Resistance 2 in its entirety? I don't think anyone has played enough of it to rank it as lower or higher on the scale of greatness with Halo 3 and Resistance.

I was just pointing out that the comment made no sense. Plus, if he enjoyed RFOM more than Halo, I would assume his preference would be for the sequel to the game he enjoyed most. I can't make logical sense of it.

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CyberSentinel4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

I'd Say THAT's Epic!

Resistance:Fall of Man

Only shipped 3 million.

I say "shipped" because the game had to "GIVEN AWAY" for free, in order to achieve that number!

Blind Lemmings, I bet You Think Motorstorm "SOLD" Well Too.

Only Sony would claim a "greatest hit" on free software.

That's like saying "Wii Sports" sold well. LMFAO.

DarK-SilV4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

Man you are tool, to think that sells defines greatness, I played both games I finished Resistance and I couldn’t finish Halo 3,because it sucks, Halo 3 has nothing to brag about, average gameplay ,mediocre graphics Resistance is way better then halo 3,Gears of war is 100 time better then halo 3,
I don’t know how this game got 10, this game has nothing,I just can’t believe it
I’m not trying to be fanboy but seriously this game deserve 8 or 7

Please take your gaylo3 and throw it in the garbage

juuken4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

...Quality over quantity.

Just because Halo 3 sold more, doesn't mean it was a quality title. It was overhyped to death, just like it's predecessors. And before you talk sh*t about how I never played Halo 3, I have played it at my brother's house...until the controllers kept disconnecting. -.-

Overr8ed4324d ago

VG chartz really? any ways you have to think about the install base too, their really was no other game to get other then Halo.

waltercross4323d ago

Only the Developers should worry about Quantities.
Us Gamers should ONLY worry about Quality.

I Thought people knew this already, so to sum it up
Numbers do not tell you how good a game is, here is
an Example, if That game is advertised ALLOT it SHOULD sell well right?

Or what if that game is the only FPS/RPG etc that will be out
on that system for the next several months, that should sell
well to right?, what about the fact that at least for the Halo
franchise that is the XBOX's mascot title, so in other words
IT Better sell well or the 360 would be in Trouble.

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