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PS4 Slim to Release Worldwide on September 14

ThisGenGaming has received exclusive confirmation by the person selling a PS4 Slim that it will be available to purchase for everybody on September 14th.

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SpaceRanger1763d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

Now that's what I call a slim! I wonder if Neo is going to be shown or if it'll be held till next year.

I' hoping for Neo to come out this year (clarification). But I've been hearing that this might be one of the major highlighted focuses for this year's hardware. That's why I'm curious to see if they'll be putting Neo up against NX and Scoprio next year.

YinYangGaming1763d ago

It really is really slim which is especially impressive for a console that was already as slim as the OG PS4 is

SpaceRanger1763d ago

No kidding, look at the comparison to the controller! As always, Sony way ahead with their hardware compared to its competition.

DARK_WOLF1763d ago

Spaceranger how is this ahead of the competition??

No 4k support no 4k BR no optical port looks cheap af compared to xb1s

Nothing wrong with liking the product but when u compare it to xbox one S its not as good quality wise at all. Not even close.

Chug1763d ago

Lol Dark, maybe people see Sony ahead of the competition because they clearly are. Sales wise and games wise.

DARK_WOLF1763d ago

Lol whatever dude enjoy ur sales.

Chug1763d ago

Ok, how do I go about doing that? Or should I go buy an S to replace my OG X1 to make you happy? Does it play better games?

Aura75411763d ago

This is the closeup of the space between the two USB ports. It appears that the Square serves as the optical port and Sony also took the liberty to make the Circle a 3.5mm port. We still need official confirmation, but we know for sure that the space between the two USB ports was not a coincidence.

1763d ago
donthate1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

That's fugly and looks cheap. Since there is no upgraded part that I can tell based on the box, I would rather take the original PS4. It is less likely to have noise issue, despite being tad like a jet engine when the fan kicks in.

I don't see any significant new features on the PS4 slim. Doesn't look like they are trying to make it future proof at all and focused on maximum profits.

TwoForce1763d ago

@DarkWolf_NZ You are not helping here, pal.

Ju1763d ago

Might as well be cheap. Isn't that the goal over time? I'm taking a wild guess and this will come with a price cut to $200 - $250. Well, with a $350 premium Neo announcement. This is most likely a "parents-get-this-for-you r-kids" product.

morganfell1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )


5 days ago you had multiple posts about Microsoft sales. Go enjoy that.

With the slim and PSVR, Sony just endured they have a tight lock on sales the rest of the year.

Fatal-Aim1763d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

Now then, let's see how long this author keeps up about Microsoft's XB1 closing the gap before the inevitable occurs once again:

rainslacker1763d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

Yes, but it has rounded edges, so I suspect Apples lawyers are already burning the midnight oil....or printing out their form cease and desist letter for anything with a slight curvature on the people's foreheads.


Funny, article said little detail is known...yet you seem to know what it won't include.

Where do you get your verifiable information from?

I admit the lack of logos may be concerning, but certainly not a definite sign that they aren't included.

Seems kind of silly for Sony not to include it, since it wouldn't cost them anything more to actually do so at this junction.

Lack of optical port I can understand though, but I do question how many people still use that since most receivers don't include that many optical inputs anymore...or why they would be using it if they are so concerned with UHD playback.

@donthate's reply below

Believe I responded to your assertion in another comment. but again, it seems you are lacking in any knowledge on the system the same way dark was, so I hold you to the same standard of supporting your argument based on more than assumption. I can logically deduce probabilities, and concede that I may be wrong. All you seem to be willing to do is assert with absolute authority that what you say is true and will be the case.

While I will say that you are right about less features, we're talking about the inclusion of a rather major technology change that Sony has a pretty big stake in overall. There is no logical conclusion which comes to the fact that Sony would ignore it within the slim version of the console when at no time in the past have they shown they weren't willing to push a major technology that they had a stake in....CD, DVD, BR, all something Sony had a stake in. UHD is no different. Cheaper looking, and lesser quality, maybe, but I wasn't speaking on those issues, but will say that the removal of the optical port will be disappointing to some, so I guess you got me there. Those interested in UHD though....probably won't care though.

But again, the features themselves....well, no one here can state 100% they are in the know.

It would take nothing for Sony to support UHD/HDR on the stock PS4. Silicon requirements on the HDMI chip prevent it though. That change would be insignificant in the grand scheme of things cost wise for the slim version....and may even cost them less, but the overall gains for Sony would be huge, and it'd be rather odd for them to ignore that feature don't you think? Either way, it won't be much, because Sony makes their own controller chips.

donthate1762d ago


That's easy, Sony wants to push you to buy their premium console where they actually make a profit on the hardware that is why the PS4 Slim is a downgrade from the current PS4. This has virtually happened with any Playstation in the last decade. Every slimmed down version is cheaper looking, less quality and has less features.

Utalkin2me1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )


So it has to have 4k support thrown in to make it a tech marvel? I remember the days when a slim represented current console and it's tech wrapped in a smaller package. Now it has to have stuff added to it, so people will buy another console of the same product but with very little extra's?


Im sorry i went mentally retarded reading your trash. Can you guys at least backup some silly claim instead of spewing Sony hate.

badz1491762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

to the people saying that this looks cheap;

the slim versions of PS consoles has always been this way since the PSX.

PS2 -
PS3 -

the slim versions are repackaged consoles with less than premium design from the originals which are more power efficient and cheaper. so what the hell were you guys expecting? for Sony to Copy MS? LOL this "cheap" looking console runs games better than your "premium" 4K HDR supporting console, think about THAT!

and isn't a console about playing games? not watching movies? or was that only relevant in early last gen when the PS3 was just a "glorified Bluray player"? now suddenly 4K movies are so important...forget the fact that their last console exclusive was QB back in April!

neutralgamer19921762d ago

i still believe we will see ps4 slim release this fall and neo release next fall. and before xbox camp says sony is only reacting to ms than i don't think many understand how far in advance these things have to be planned out to mass produce

i really believe those neo leaks were real but i think those were quite old(most likely early projections of specs)

ps4 slim 500GB $249
ps4 slim 1TB $299(
4k media player
very likely to be bundled with a game

ps4 neo fall 2017. i don't think sony will go in great detail about the specs of neo TBH. the only way they talk about specs is if they are gonna be stronger than the announced 6TF for scorpio. i wouldn't be surprised if sony holds back on specs till e3 2017. if i was in charge(which BTW i am not LOL) i would ask our hardware team(mark cerny to be exact)to maker the console stronger than scorpio

atleast 6TF
better CPU
16Gb GDDR 5 ram

neutralgamer19921762d ago


how do you know it won't have HDR or 4k media player? please do tell from looking into your magic 8 ball

Filmicfps1762d ago

Looks awesome but no 4K BR support?

Rhythmattic1762d ago


Drop the nt - DoHate.

1762d ago
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FITgamer1763d ago

Do you really think Sony would set up an event just to announce a slim console? Neo is definitely being revealed September 7th.

joeorc1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

@FITgamer3m ago
[Do you really think Sony would set up an event just to announce a slim console? Neo is definitely being revealed September 7th]

Why not? The Neo could be set for the PlayStation Event in DEC instead of Now..its kinda like keep the talks toward PlayStation New hardware and software to keep consumers concentrated on PlayStation Hardware and not elsewhere.

Think about for
slim Sept.
Marketing for PSVR in Oct.
Unvail Neo maybe in DEC.
To get people talking for release next year.

If you zoom in you can see a hard drive door. Bottom left

_-EDMIX-_1763d ago

I think both are and I think both are likely going to go on sale around the same time

rainslacker1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

Maybe this is the Neo. Maybe the Neo is the slim. Maybe all PS4's going forward will be 4TFlops, in a smaller footprint device.

Although, one week after the reveal for release is a super short time frame from a distribution perspective, and there's no way Sony could keep it under wraps since they'd have to ship it to retailers before they even reveal it.

I do agree though, Neo is the likely candidate for Sep. 7. Otherwise, all they are likely to be doing is showing games...and if they have a event just for that, then it's going to be hard to stop Sony going forward. More games would likely sell more systems than an upgraded console would.

Neo is likely though. And probably details on the slim, as well as an incoming price drop. If they manage to come in at $299 then things go back to normal. If they come in less, and it's a UHD player, they've pretty much just stalled X1S sales in their tracks. No doubt Sony already knows this, and no doubt, MS is capitalizing on the low UHD entry point to maintain a higher selling price for it's basic X1, which Sony could probably undercut without much issue, leaving MS to have to react to another price cut before they may be ready for one.

Gonna be interesting.

MyDietEqualsGames1762d ago

I hadn't stopped to think about that. It was early in the morning. You're right. It's some pros vs. cons. If it is cheaper than the current price, it would still make PS4 the better gaming device on the cheap.

The Xbox One S is still attractive for those that want to play some nice looking games and are into the multimedia thing.

MS is going after a different segment of people with the One S. Sony is still going for the gamer.

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seanpitt231763d ago

If that was the case then we would be getting no PlayStation meeting this September.

This meeting is primary for the neo and if the rumored specs are true then they need to release it this year.

Retroman1763d ago

399 announcement Sept. 14th it maybe slim, but betcha price will not be slim.

Kingthrash3601763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

Yeah 399 when a regular ps4 is cheaper...naw on top of that I'm sure they will lower the price of the og ps4 too. I'm waiting on the neo tho...I have no need for slim. My ps4 is awsome where it sits. They announce the neo and of it released in September that would be huge...abd if it's at 399 it would be a day 1 for me for sure

donthate1763d ago

It could be priced $349 for the Slim and standard being phased out at $299. I would take the $299 unless there is some drastic new features, but it seems like the Slim is a dud on that area. It is literally a slimmed down version with no new features.

Sony is truly making PS4k/Neo the next real console, and leaving PS4 behind. They are not PS4 Slim to be future proof.

XanderZane1763d ago

The original PS4 is already slim. I'm curious if they are adding anything new to this PS4 Slim that makes it different from the original. Will it have a 4K Blu-Ray drive in it? What will the price be?

Brugal1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

They might be adding something by subtracting something, a lower price. As far as 4K for the slim goes, I highly doubt they will include that because if the 4K feature is only available on the Neo then it will make the Neo that much more attractive. No 4K for the slim might also be necessary to keep the price really low, possibly undercutting the Xbone S console. Obviously these are my own assumptions. Either way, exciting times are ahead for PS4 owners and non PS4 owners jumping in on the new hardware.

XanderZane1762d ago

I agree. If the PS4 Neo is coming out this year as well, why would anyone want to buy a PS4 Slim? I would think any gamer who is looking to get a PS4 this year would just wait and get the PS4 Neo which will be superior to the original PS4 and the PS4 Slim. 4K Blu-Ray and games will look and run better on the Neo. Plus it will run PSVR a lot better as well. That's a lot of cash to spend if you're getting PS4 Slim, PS4 Neo & PSVR. Unless Sony pushes PS4 Neo into 2017. Maybe that's what they will do.

MyDietEqualsGames1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

It looks good and is smaller than Xbox One S, but Xbox One S has more packed inside it's shell so the bang for the buck factor goes to the Xbox One S. The only way I can see PS4 slim being better, is if it's cheaper.

Ju1762d ago

I guess it'll be cheaper. Makes perfect sense to create a real low entry level version. If you want premium features - incl games at higher res, get the Neo. This tiny thing still will play games better than the Xbox One S.

jznrpg1762d ago

Ps4 slim is till more powerful hardware than the xbxoS and of course more games and better games, in majority of peoples opinions anyway. It makes sense to make a less expensive product for entry (slim) amd add 4k to to the Neo

Criti-Choco1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

@SpaceRanger Just so you know, it was said sony would unveil neo at a press conference september 7th in NYC, be ready for that.

edit: Just realized this was the leak for sept 7th, now im curious. Alot of people seem to think neo will still be shown there, pretty sure they wont hold cards back too long now that the scorpio details are out and about though.

Aenea1762d ago

The Neo will be shown there... Am positive about that!

City19791762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

why does the picture on the box look different to the picture of the console?

meche3341762d ago

MS also created a better looking box of the slim. The regular ps4 is way more sexy than this thing. It might have to grow on me

trooper_1762d ago

I like the way it looks.

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YinYangGaming1763d ago

Seems about right, hopefully the pre-orders open right after an announcement at the PlayStation Meeting

neutralgamer19921762d ago

it makes sense to release a $249 500GB slim model with HDR and 4k media player. maybe 1TB for $299

i simply don't see neo being release this fall. i think neo will be a fall 2017 launch with specs that will atleast be on par with scorpio if not better(since sony now knows the specs for scorpio so they can improve)

seanpitt231762d ago

The PS4 slim will not have HDR and that confirms the ps4 neo will release this year.

OOMagnum1763d ago

Is it going to be 4k and uhd?

Errorist761763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

That's gonna be exclusive to NEO for sure.

Eidolon1763d ago

4k video playback, dude, don't need anymore GPU power than what the PS4 currently has.

S2Killinit1763d ago

I think he means 4K playback, not gaming 4K. I think its likely that it will have 4K playback as Sony is one of the biggest drivers of 4K content, and blu-rays. So yes.

The Neo will then be the 4K gaming console.

Ju1762d ago

This is a cost reduced version. Why would someone looking for low cost gaming console hook this up to a 4k TV? If you want 4k on your TV you might as well $50 or $100 on a Neo.

mark3214uk1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

i think it will have 4k playback but other than that it will be the same as the orig ps4 - apart from a lot slimmer :)

loads of nice pics on NEO (sorry if linking isn't allowed)

Aenea1762d ago

That's not the Neo, that's the Slim this article is about...

joeorc1763d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

true HD listed..most likely UHD
You can see the Blu-Ray emblem etch of course does not say much /but it could very well be UHD.

@DarkWolf_NZ7h ago
"That true HD is dolby audio not video."

I know that, do you see a Blu-Ray UHD stamp?

DARK_WOLF1762d ago

That true HD is dolby audio not video.

donthate1762d ago Show
Utalkin2me1762d ago



Rhythmattic1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

Dolby is an audio based company..
Nothing to do with the image component (Codec)...
though I generally disagree with many of your posts as opinions are just that... but no one, including me can deny facts...
So the question remains, why did you get disagrees? I grew up on tech Way before the internet... In this day and age, why don't people use the resource available to them?? It would of been a wet dream to have access to info so easily back then....
Guess its fanboys or just pure laziness..... Na... Fanboys.

LordMaim1762d ago

@donthate: You show me a link where the specs of the NEO have been confirmed, and I will eat my monitor.

Stop trolling.

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OOMagnum1763d ago

All of those disagrees for a question? Up votes for the people who actually answered my question.

Eonjay1763d ago

Its hard to say. There is a whole separate long running rumor about it.

rainslacker1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

Not known right now. I can't see why not though. It doesn't cost more to include what's needed for that since it just requires a change to the HDMI controller....which is the only thing preventing the stock X1 and PS4 from supporting it.

Would make sense for Sony to push it, even though stand alone players are dropping in price right now, and more options are coming to market soon. I also can't see why they'd want to let MS have that advantage over them with their slim offerings when there is no reason to, and it doesn't serve Sony's interest in the UHD market. Beyond just the systems themselves, Sony Pictures stands to make a lot of money off movie sales with UHD and 4K adoption, regardless of if it's fast or not, and it's not uncommon for people to pick up those impulse movies just to show off their purchases.

Sony could even have the upper hand and include a free movie or two. Something they did with the PS3 as I recall. Would cost MS more to do this.

I'd actually be disappointed if the slim isn't a UHD player, and seems really counter intuitive to Sony's typical MO.

@all above

I could see Sony doing something like X1S is. Upscaled to 4K, with HDR support for games. No real reason why the already more powerful PS4(over X1S) couldn't do this. A simple upgrade to the HDMI controller in the stock PS4 could enable this as well, as it doesn't require HDCP2.2 copy protection on games media...that's simply a limitation of the UHD copy protection.

@joerc above

Dolby TrueHD is an lossless audio codec already available on most blu ray players and is avaialable on the OGPS4...and I assume stock X1.

TrueHD has nothing to do with UHD or 4K, and is simply the dolby codec used for 7.1 surround sound.

TrueHD is actually being supplanted by Atmos and DTS has been the more commonly available codec in recent years, however, it's still included on many Blu-Ray discs, UHD or otherwise.

1762d ago
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StormLegend1763d ago

Cool to hear, but we didn't need it. That could've been the design for the PS4 Neo instead.

MasterCornholio1763d ago

We don't even know what the NEO looks like yet. Which means it could be bigger than the PS4, smaller than the PS4, prettier than the PS4, uglier than the PS4 etc.

Well you know what I mean.

Kokyu1763d ago

With the Neo using more power its unlikely it could be that slim with the power supply inside the console. The Ps4 is already pretty loud because of poor cooling.

gamerswin241763d ago

Maybe your ps4 but I have mine sitting vertically and its quiet, I do not even notice its on. Once in awhile certain games will make it louder but that's on a rare occasion.

rainslacker1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

It could be smaller. The Neo is supposedly using a pretty efficient 14nm chip that would run cooler than the OGPS4 chip despite the increased transistor count.

Not that I think this is the Neo, just that the heat generated by Neo is likely to be the same or less than the stock PS4. Things like the memory may run hotter if they go with faster memory, but memory technologies advance too, so that may not be the case either.

Quite honestly, there's a lot of wasted space on the stock PS4 main board. I think the space that is used up in the footprint is there mostly for the necessity of the drive components, the power supply, and of course the cooling system, and the size of the main board is layed out to facilitate the cooling system. But if Sony managed to get a more efficient 14nm chip, there really is no reason that the PS4 need be much bigger than the Wii U, just to accommodate the drives.

agame9141762d ago

its def not loud urs is probably sitting next to an xbox one

Aenea1762d ago

@gamerswin @agame
Come on now, my PS4 (release model) is freakishly loud at times...