The new Dualshock 4 is real (CUH-ZCT2U), but its basically the same

Pictures and details of the new Dualshock 4. Expected to come with Neo?

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Abash1725d ago

As long as it has a better battery life, I'll be happy

InTheZoneAC1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

my controller lasts all day, what more do you want?

plug in it when you put your system in standby and it's good to go for another day...

edit: to the trolls saying my battery life doesn't last all day, how long are you using your controller? I've sent up to 12 hours in a day gaming no charge required. Are you telling me you've spent longer than that gaming and are crying about wanting more battery life? Buy a $5 10ft usb cable from walmart, stop crying

and my light bar is set to dim and sound through controller is disabled, but that should be common sense for those wanting longer battery life...

naruga1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

i would like better grip on sticks with harder plastic and more texture on it ...the current rubber soft material gets slippery after long playthroughs ..although a very minor complain to a very well made controller

KwietStorm_BLM1725d ago

You must have one of those exclusive non existent all day battery life models I keep hearing about.

BossBattle1725d ago

Your controller battery last all day? Yeah right

OB1Biker1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

Thumb grips work great for me
.No battery worries with two controllers but it would nt hurt to have better battteries

LexHazard791725d ago

I like that you like DS4 but please don't say that it last all day. Maybe a few hours but definitely not all day. I have to plug mine in atleast once before my gaming session is over. And i dont game all day.

donthate1725d ago

Is all day 3-4 hours for you?

maniacmayhem1725d ago

*my controller lasts all day, what more do you want?*

When did the duelshock 8 release?

GrubsterBeater1725d ago (Edited 1721d ago )

Mine literally lasts all day too. When I'm done playing, I throw it back on the charger. My battery has never died on me before with any 4 of my DS4's.

I don't understand people's who complain about the battery life..

Edit: This is ridiculous, the only people I know who have battery issues on their PS4 is people on N4G. I'm not even kidding. My battery lasts forever on ALL 4 OF MY DS4's!! This has always confused me. There is no way all 4 of my controllers are a fluke with their battery's not being dead as fast as all of yours. You are all exaggerating.

Stevonidas1725d ago


Even the fanboys aren't buying the bullshit you're selling.

The battery life of the DS4 and the thumbsticks are ATROCIOUS and need to be fixed, STAT!

TheDivine1725d ago

Dude my launch dual shock 4 lasts about three hour MAX charge gaming. It's the worst controller I've ever had period. Also the rubber fell off the analogue sticks. Its a cheap POS. Your literally the only person over seen say something positive about the DS4.

Silly gameAr1725d ago

I don't believe that. The battery life is one of the weakest things about the DS4. If they can improve on that, then that would be great. Everything else is perfectly fine in my opinion.

sackboyhappy1725d ago

not everyone likes to have their PS4 on standby, permanently charging a controller when it's not in use

blacktiger1725d ago

come on bro why lie the most obvious part! My Dual Shock doesn't last more than 2-3 hours. I'm not even a hardcore gamer anymore and I have set it to low dim!

rainslacker1725d ago

Could also just use a standard USB phone charging thing and plug it into a wall. Can even do this while playing. I have the charging cradle myself, and rotate between 3 different controllers.

How long it lasts for me will depend on the game itself. If it's one that is slower paced and doesn't require a lot of button pressing or stick movement, then it can last quite a while, but more intense games I may get about 5 hours out of it.

badz1491724d ago

ok, let's get things straight here. the DS4 won't last a day with continuous play, that's just fact unless you have a 3rd party external battery back which will add a good several hours more but that's it. but playing while charging will also increase your game time too and with a USB cable long enough, it's less intrusive too.

but although it will not last a day, but just 2 to 3 hours?? come on, that's just STUPID and a clear mark or TROLLING! unless you have just that 1 DS4 and have been using it constantly everyday for 5-6 hours a day since launch, then, MAYBE it's possible and it's a sign that your battery is nearing its limit. you can change them yourself for cheap.

I have 4 DS4s and always have them charged and I'm pretty sure a full charge will last for 7-8 hours easy. it's less than the DS3 for sure but having multiple controllers at my disposal, running out of charge is never a worry.

mozzie1724d ago

the reason why the xbox controller lasts up to 36 hours with 2 AA batteries is because of it's proprietary wireless solution. it's designed for low latency and long lasting battery life. microsoft is now allowing 3rd party PC manufacturers to use it's "xbox wireless" technology in their products. lenovo is the first one who anounced a gaming desktop with xbox wireless. anyway i use two rechargable battery packs and if both of them die on me i'll still have the ability to put in some AA batteries. i prefer this to cables even tough the battery packs came with 2m usb cables and my elite controller also has a very nice usb cable in the box.

Utalkin2me1724d ago


GTFOH, low dim will net you about 2 extra minutes of battery life...So yeah, low dim means nothing.

mogwaii1724d ago

You shouldnt have to disable standard features of a controller because your desperate to squeeze battery life out of it.

mep691724d ago

@naruga i just opened my ds4 and put my ds3 sticks in. Needed to cut the sides out of them but no problems. Works alot better and my thumb doesnt go numb now.

LAWSON721724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )

Yeah... My DS4 lasts like maybe 3 hrs and I might be being generous.

Maybe you game a short period of time, the battery is worse than DS3 by a fair bit and trash compared to the eneloop rechargeables I use in my Xbone controller (last roughly a week with heavy usage). Blows my people call AA batteries a negative.

1724d ago
boing11724d ago

I'm getting about 6 hours on one charge.

pinkcrocodile751724d ago

Sorry, but unless the controller is redesigned properly, it'll always be unreliable.

We've had 2 controllers go t!ts up, disconnected and refuse to charge.

Now before you say it's a simple fix, none of the hardware / soft repairs work, even with the joke that is sony's support.

Christopher1724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )

Hyperbole aside, I easily get 6 hours a charge in my DS4...

As to the new DS4, it actually looks cheaper than the current one to me.

Muzikguy1724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )

I rarely get 6 hours of battery life out of my DS4. I don't see how 12 can be possible. Also, I don't believe it's trolls saying you don't get the battery life as much as YOU saying that the battery life is fine. It isn't. Obviously if this wasn't an issue people wouldn't be complaining about it


You hate the speaker but have never even tested it being turned off? Must not hate it that much. Sound gets played through whatever speaker the sounds are coming from when the speaker is disabled in the controller

kdmitchell_toh1724d ago

Not to sound like a troll, but I've tested several DS4's, from full charge to disconnect. Most didn't even last 10 hours. My current ones include a two new ones don't even last 7-8 hours. That's from playing Dark Souls 3 all day. Not saying I'm doubting you, but the proof is there that most don't last that long.

UnHoly_One1724d ago

If you disable the controller audio does it reroute that audio through the TV speakers, or is it just missing completely?

I personally hate the speaker in the controller, I think it's super annoying, but I always figured if you disabled it then you'd just be missing out on sounds, like in Infamous: SS when you get calls on your cell phone and it only rings through the controller.

I just want all of my game audio to come through my real speakers that I spent a couple thousand dollars on, not the tiny little piece of crap in my controller.

addictedtochaos1724d ago

The battery in my controller last about 4 hours.

Kidmyst1724d ago

I have a 10 ft cord and 2 controllers to swap out, but by the time I need to swap I'm ready for a break.

andibandit1724d ago

All day??

I might get 5-6 hours if I'm lucky, I'm guessing your ds4 is a newer model.

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S2Killinit1725d ago

more battery is ALWAYS a good thing. So I agree. although, its not too bad as is, especially if you lower the light bar setting. Personally, I like the light bar on high but that's just me.

donthate1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

and charge the controller every hour? :P

You probably have it connected at all times with the 3-feet cable included so that the light will shine on the TV distracting you. At least you got good disco mood going:

S2Killinit1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

I would say every 18-20 hours of actual playing needs a charge. I'm guessing you have a plasma tv, otherwise the light-bar wouldn't be discernible in your tv screen. I would say its time to upgrade to a modern LCD tv.

On the down-side, no disco mood no mo (:

Aenea1724d ago

18-20 hours of play time? I want your controllers! I get around 5 to 6 out of the newer ones and a little less from the stock one. The newer ones kinda feel a bit heavier and sturdier. I got 4 controllers total at the moment and have a special cradle that fits two so I can always switch to another controller when it gets empty...

And ehhh, LCD TVs have those shiny screens for a while now, so no, you don't have to have a plasma to be able to see the lightbar. Have the mine on low and can still see it. Tho with most games while playing I can only see it in the darker areas...

S2Killinit1724d ago

5-6 hours? Im pretty sure that is not normal. Maybe the batteries are worn out through use?

I do not see the light bar in either of my 2 tvs. And thats even though i play laying down. People who play sitting wouldnt see the lightbar at all because its angled downward anyway. I will try to focus and see if i can see it next time.

Btw: im pretty sure no LCD on the market has a shiny screen, thats what distinguishes a LCD from a plasma TV.

IamTylerDurden11724d ago

Battery life is a non issue if ur a normal person with 2 controllers. Charge 1 while u play, unless u have 8hr couch co op sessions with no break....

donthate1724d ago


I'm not talking to you! :P


You must not be playing a lot during those 18-20 hours. Everyone else is getting 3-6 hours a charge tops.

S2Killinit1724d ago

3!!!? Now your really pushing your imagination. Either way, I'm loving every second of battery life with all the games, so I a charge here, a charge there, who cares? I have 3 controllers and only use two of them, never had any issues with battery.

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pyroxxx1725d ago

Don't have a problem ever since I got a second one,.. (so I play with one while the other one charges) But yes when I had one this was annoying as all hell.

boomtube19871725d ago

The biggest issue for PS4 is its controller battery life...It sucks that disco lights cannot be turned off. The PS3 DS3 had awesome battery life.. They should ditch disco lights.

NapalmSanctuary1725d ago

@BakPAin Its all day with no mic, no rumble, dim light etc. Man, do I miss the rumble. Definitely needs better batteries.

UnholyLight1725d ago

Better battery life? Agreed.

@naruga..... I disagree for the most part. What I hate the MOST about the Xbox One and the controllers is that the hard plastic grippy stuff they have on the joysticks just isnt comfortable to me at all..Having been an Xbox guy before this gen, I was very disappointed when I realized the Dualshock 4 is now by far and away my favourite controller. It is so comfy and the soft grips feel so nice for long playthroughs.

Only issue I had with that controller is the first 2 controllers I bought with my PS4 died long ago when the grips ripped off the sticks.

CoDsuperstar1725d ago

at least you can charge it unlike the wireless xbox controller

1724d ago
S2Killinit1724d ago

Yup. Are newer xbones still coming without those cables? I think AAA battery controllers should not be tolerated.

Ps: man projectScorpio sounds really angry lol

Erik73571724d ago

I like it how it is thicker

Orbilator1724d ago

Mine last loads to. I never plug my controller in during a days gaming. I always plug it in when I go to bed though and it's good for next day, I game for maybe 5 hours in the evening and about 9 - 10 on my days off.

cd11724d ago

Just buy a micro usb cable long enough to reach the ps4 from the couch - problem solved. My cost a whole £4!!!

MajorLazer1723d ago

Mine lasts about 5 hours. Lightbar is set to dim and controller audio is completely turned off yet it rinses its battery.

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Crazyglues1725d ago

Looks exactly the same as the current controller, unless I'm missing something... ?

Erik73571724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )

Looks thicker and shorter. Also, trigger buttons are a throwback with the color they are using on them. If you have a current ps4 controller you will notice they are black not grey.

TorpeAlex1724d ago

I think the angle of the photos shown so far make it look stubbier than it actually is with the shadow between the grips. Measurements are within 5 mm of the original controller, with the exception of height which means they may have extended the throw of the sticks.

core_51725d ago

has a new bluetooth adapter and colors of triggers and sticks has changed to grey

OldGuyStillGaming1725d ago

I'm shocked no articles yet on the leaked new ps4 slim images

Errorist761725d ago Show
OB1Biker1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

Thanks for link sergons
Neogaf comments are hilarious as often. looks good to me , buttons and usb make sense.

rainslacker1725d ago

Love the PS button feet on the bottom of the system.

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FITgamer1725d ago

There is but it hasn't been approved yet.

Retroman1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

"Is This The New Rumoured Slim PS4?"

you late brokasfawk already here.

Glad to know it came after you posted.

OldGuyStillGaming1725d ago

I commented over an hour ago
The story came in a half hour ago

Cryptcuzz1724d ago


That is odd, the leaked photos on Neogaf shows that there isn't an Optical Output like the original PS4 does in the rear. So how else would headset companies be selling their headsets that requires there to be an optical input to work properly?

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PaleMoonDeath1725d ago

Woah all these leaks.. damn.