GDC'07: Molyneux To Speak About Fable 2 Innovation

Taking place between March 7th and 9th, the Game Developers Conference 2007 will see a number of developers from around the globe come together, and discuss the latest goings-on in their various projects.

One speaker at this year's event will be Lionhead Studios' Peter Molyneux, who'll host a lecture called "Innovations of Fable 2", which will look at various innovative aspects of the upcoming Xbox 360 title. Whilst the overview of the lecture (available on the GDC '07 website) offers little detail, it does confirm that the lecture will see Molyneux reveal an "unexpected feature" of the game.

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HaKeRsCanRotINHEL5243d ago

be something other then co-op, how about the ability to craft your on weapons & armour.

silent ninja5243d ago

i'm getting tired of his constat lectures how about deliver some ingame revolution ideas that speak of

Schmitty075243d ago

After the whole Fable 1 debacle. Still can't wait for Fable 2 though!

beans5243d ago

What ever happened to B.C. for the original Xbox? Anyway i'm looking forward to Fable2 and hope they go all out this time and give us a huge world like Oblivion!

FirstknighT5242d ago (Edited 5242d ago )

I dont know why people complain about Fable. It was a great experience!!! One of my favorite games of all time! Alot of people complained that they couldn't have children. Cmon man, to many complainers in the world. Just enjoy the game! I cant wait for Part 2!

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