I will now talk about No Man's Sky hype for about 40 minutes

TotalBiscuit brings you a discussion on the hype surrounding the highly anticipated game, No Man's Sky.

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RosweeSon1884d ago

Or I could put those 40 minutes into the game 🤔

JD_Shadow1879d ago

Which he did! Six or so days of trying to play the game before he gave up because of all the monotony.

Then again, you could actually WATCH the video and LISTEN to what he's saying instead of blindly dismissing anything and anyone who dares to criticize the game in any sort of way.

RosweeSon1878d ago

Why would I care what HE did I'm talking about ME, why would I watch a 40 minute video when a 5-10 one would have no doubt been enough, 40 minutes tho that's far too long to watch about the hype of a game who actually cares that much.... Looks at comments... No one either enjoy the game or don't but aint got time for 40 minutes of hype disscussion.

JD_Shadow1878d ago

1. He turns off comments because he doesn't approve of the lack of moderation. He has an official subReddit that can be used for that purpose, where he has more control over what is posted.

2. Doing long-form videos is his style. He's NEVER liked to do shorter videos because he goes into explicit detail about his viewpoints.

3. Maybe it's something you SHOULD make time for. Perhaps it's something that needs to be discussed in more detail. Buying into hype blindly even though we've been fooled time and time again, and not looking before we leap. How many more times are we going to do that?