Nintendo Considered A Fire Emblem/Pokémon Crossover

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE was a very different game a few years ago. In fact, at one point, it was a Fire Emblem/Pokémon crossover.

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derkasan1620d ago

Sounds like an interesting combination.

1620d ago
jholden32491620d ago

Ya no.

I like Fire Emblem. I like Pokemon. But that doesn't mean Fire Emblem X Pokemon is a good idea.

Summons751620d ago

They clearly thought the same thing too if it never went past just an idea and maybe some concept art from whoever pitched the idea. I agree though the two wouldn't work well together.

DragonDDark1620d ago

TMS #Fe is awesome. I highly recommend it. It's by atlus after all :)

1620d ago
KimikoGaming1620d ago

Would have played similarly to Pokemon Conquest.

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