Destiny: Rise of Iron: Watch the New Strike, New Maps (Including PS4 Exclusive) & Me Sucking at Them

In the videos below you can check out a few of the goodies coming with Destiny‘s expansion Rise of Iron, including the first few minutes of the new strike The Wretched Eye, and two new PvP maps, the Floating Gardens, that everyone will get, and Icarus, that wll be exclusive to PS4 players.

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Vitalogy814d ago

My lord, how can someone be so bad on PVE? I couldn't watch the video to the end.

Abriael814d ago

48 hours with no sleep will do that to you too.I could hardly focus on the crosshairs.

SimpleYet_Not812d ago

Damn this game is boring as hell to watch. No new enemies just reskins, same with the guns. They can't add new sound effects to weapons like come on. And the map design looks the same. When are they going to add in weapon camos? Why can't we get old gear and evolve them so that I can be at least different from the rest? When are you guys going to add 4 people instead of 3? Why does every DLC have to be overpriced?