X360 Experiences Record December in Japan

Despite promises of a million systems at Japanese retail by the end of 2006, Japanese publisher Enterbrain reports today that Sony has managed to sell just 466,716 PS3 units to Japan. This figure covers the period from the Japanese launch on 11/11 to the end of the year.

In comparison, Enterbrain reports that Nintendo managed to sell 989,118 Wii units from the 12/2 launch to the end of the year, with the number quickly jumping over the million mark for a total of 1,135,671 units by 1/7.

The firm didn't provide 2006 results for the Xbox 360, but did list the system as having sold a total of 290,467 units total from its 12/10/2005 launch to the end of 2006. In particular, spurred by the release of Blue Dragon, Microsoft managed to sell 99,798 360 units in December 2006 alone -- the highest month ever for the system (yes, that includes the launch).

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DixieNormS5232d ago

If MS keeps bringing games in like Blue Dragon, Lost Planet, and Lost Oddesy. Then the 360 should be in a better posssition down there compared to the xbox.

NextGen24Gamer5232d ago (Edited 5232d ago )

Wikipedia now lists the xbox 360 as 10.4 million sold as of December 31st. What hapenned to VG charts or Nextgenwars? ha ha ha ha ha...There goes sony fanboys theory of those sites being accurate. But at least Nextgenwars was only off by 1 million. VG charts was off by a few million. Thats pitiful. Keep breaking records Microsoft.

P.S. Leon...I haven't seen you on here in a while. I got your friends request on the Ps3 network but when I went to accept it, it said the request no longer exists. Send me another one if you are still around. Its TopGamer25 . And on xbox live its KobebryantLaker . Ms pacman tonight. YES. I loved that game back in the day. Way better than pacman. I wonder if they will release Super Pacman. Anyone remember that one? I liked that one a lot too.

Syko5232d ago (Edited 5232d ago )

Correct me if im wrong as I never played the PS2 online past the point of the original So-Com. But while playing So-Com I don't remember ever hearing anyone from Japan. Granted they might choose not to use the mic but you think you would eventually run into a team of em' and hear them talking which I never did. Which is why I wonder if they don't bother with Xbox\Live? They might figure it's filled with Yanks and Limey's so why the hell would I want to play on that network.

Of course I know about their insane Nationalistic views, and how they still might be tender towards America after WWII, But I can't help but think language has something to do with it. Even though most of them speak at least a little english...Just a thought

I Mean you PS3 Guys are they playing on the PS3 or what?

But Hell 290,467 Aint bad for over a year..Sorry I couldn't say that with a straight face. Jump In you KAMIKAZE BASTARDS!!

calderra5232d ago

Er, please limit the racism, people.
But 360 is doing pretty well for itself. Especially considering Nintendo owns over half the console market there (think handhelds, too).

Will 360 win the war in Japan? Heck no.
But it will sell a decent little number of units.

Shadow Flare5232d ago

Well congratulations microsoft for having some level of success in Japan. You made a right move with Blue Dragon and its paid off. Well done you conglomerate pigs

Correct me if im wrong but the record sales in december in MAY have something to do with christmas time possibly?

I may be wrong.

Not bloody likely.

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