Dead Space Banned in Germany, Japan and China

In a posting on the official Dead Space Web site, EA community manager Ben Swanson announced that the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC game "will be banned in Germany, China, and Japan." Swanson did not say what indications the team has received to suggest the imminent banning of the sci-fi survival horror game.

Dead Space is set for an October 14 console release in North America (October 20 for the PC version), with a European launch set for October 24. As of press time, EA representatives had not returned requests for clarification on the nature of the bans or why they are expected to come.

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sonarus4329d ago

I don't get the Japan ban

InMyOpinion4328d ago

Afraid it might compete with Resident Evil perhaps?

Gazman4328d ago

I'm surprised Australia is not on the list, only time will tell

ultrachrist4328d ago

Oh yeah... Japan is going to ban a game to help out Capcom
Get real.

Decapitation, and probably the dismemberment wouldn't sit well with them I guess.
Anyone remember how you can't get decapitated in the Japanese version of RE4? I don't think that's the first game to be censored like that in Japan either

Actually I think in Ninja Gaiden you can't decap people either. I'm not sure about all the gore in NG2 though

Megaton4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

Pretty strange...

Dismemberment = Banned
Tentacle hentai = Rated 12+

...but I guess we're the exact opposite in America. Sex seems to be much more taboo in gaming. Show a side boob and FOX News will declare the moral fabric of society being ripped to shreds. Excess violence will still bring the whiners out of whatever cave they've been crying in, but you can get away with some pretty gruesome stuff before bans are even considered.

beavis4play4328d ago

with all the crazy violent horror films/porn available in japan, i hardly think a videogame can be more disturbing than that.

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El_Colombiano4329d ago

Man this game is shaping up to rock! Its getting banned so that mean it'll be gritty and gory! Yes!

El_Colombiano4328d ago

Well its getting banned for some reason or another, so I guess because it's to mature for those countries rating system, which is always a good thing.

consolewar4328d ago

"el colombiano yearbook"----> most likely to fail

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The story is too old to be commented.