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Titanfall 2 is close to dropping. This Pre Alpha Tech Test already has new tricks up its sleeve.

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Aloy-Boyfriend881d ago (Edited 881d ago )

I'm afraid this will get old faster for three reasons:

1- The abilities customization in the first was fine, but here they have turned every pilot and titan into a hero with their own abilities.

2 - you know what made the first so awesome and stand out from other shooters? The Titans. You know, the thing they named this game after? It seems like ever since they introduced the pilot vs pilot mode in the 1st, they want to get rid of them. Titans take too long to spawn here. Compared to the first where you already spawned more than five before the match ends, you will be lucky to spawn 2 in this one.

3 - and because the lack of titan action in the maps, this doesn't feel as engaging and chaotic (in a good way) as the first. It is a huge letdown to me because that was what made the game so fun.

It is a tech test I know so I hope the final game is not as boring as now. I can live with the first point I made, but the other two I'm afraid I won't because Titans are the highlight of this game

Eonjay881d ago

I think this is they type of feedback they are looking for.

Aloy-Boyfriend881d ago

I have already posted it on the Titanfall forums

cash_longfellow881d ago

This is the way feedback should be...opinion followed by reasons. I wish more people did this.

Blue_stripes880d ago

Completely agree. Too often it's simply "this sucks" or whatever without reasons to why.