Tecmo restarted Rygar port after disastrous results, costed a ton

Rygar on Wii doesn't seem to be dead. New screenshots of the port surfaced a few days back which gives a pretty good indication that Tecmo hasn't abandoned the project. What about the long delay, though? 1UP's James Mielke has written a blog post which explains why Rygar has not already been released on the Wii. Believe it or not, the port has given Tecmo huge trouble. The company essentially had to retool the entire project after some initial "disastrous results."

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Harry1904324d ago

on the PS2 was not that good. Nothing to get excited about.

tocrazed4you4324d ago

Already cost tecmo a lot of cash but now that if they release it for the wii it wont sell that much because we all know third party games do not sell that well on the wii except for a few loving franchises.

kevnb4324d ago

or let square enix buy them, its over for tecmo.

ChickeyCantor4324d ago

Missed the news?
It's Koei.

MK_Red4323d ago

Is it really true? Did Koei really eat Tecmo? If true then sadly we will see milked franchises from Tecmo as well. Ninja Warriors 2436735 coming out next year for PS3, 360 and Wii with N64 or PSone graphics and the same gameplay engine of the original Dynasty Warriors game.

ChickeyCantor4323d ago

Same would have happened with Square xD

mirroredderorrim4324d ago

I don't want to see Tecmo go.

Why would you be so quick to dismiss them and suggest they close their doors?
Where you a kid when Tecmo Bowl came out?