New Leak Reveals That LEGO Harry Potter Remasters Might Be On Their Way

As captured by Twitter user Felipe Mesquita, a listing on a Brazilian ratings board could serve as proof that a remastered collection of the LEGO Harry Potter games could be on their way to the PlayStation 4. (And likely Xbox One as well.)

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WiiU-Dude1759d ago

I love remasters. The problem is I am NOT as keen on 7th gen being remasters to 8th. I guess it's because it's so easy for the most part. I want 5th to 6th gen remasters. THAT is when things get interesting. Taking an entirely 'ugly' game by today's standards, yet has great gameplay and ideas where a facelift would be incredibly appreciated. Imagine Super Mario 64 completely remastered like Ratchet and Clank for PS4. I would feel like I were in heaven!! So many N64, PS1, and Saturn games would be remarkable if remastered!

Primal Rex1758d ago

Probably been made to coincide with the 20th Anniversary of the first novel next year,easy money !!!

just_sayin1758d ago

Why??? So next gen are we gonna get remastered version of 8th gen games.

r3f1cul1757d ago

now lego games are getting remasters .... my goodness this shyte has gotten out of control ... waiting for the first remastered remaster when scorpio/neo launch ... gaming is turning into a joke on so many fronts now its sad :/ they remaster these games that dont even need remastered instead of doing the road less traveled like a system shock or ff7 true remasters/remakes that are actually deserved and interesting ...

SegaGamer1757d ago

Remastering Lego games......why ? Oh, of course, more money.