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"Multiplayer was the part of 2016’s Doom that most critics agreed was the weakest element. Does the first DLC pack, Unto the Evil, fix any of the flaws? Gameplay: Unto the Evil is certainly not poor value. You get 3 new maps, 1 new weapon (the UAC EMV pistol), which is pretty punchy but quite dull in comparison to many of the standard weapons in the arsenal, and 1 new equipment piece (the Kinetic mine). This is basically a proximity mine, and works nicely, fast becoming a favourite of mine. Rounding out the gameplay enhancements, players will find plenty of new hack modules, and a new demon, the Harvester. Fairly weak, but quick, he has a long range lightning attack, along with a seriously powerful secondary, that can pulverise multiple opponents grouped closely together."

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No, we just want the technical issues fixed.