'Metal Gear Survive' Goes To Show Konami Don't Care About Gamers

Why Konami just don't care anymore - and why gamers shouldn't either.

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daBUSHwhaka949d ago

Couldn't care less for this steaming pile of shite.Finish what you started with MGSV and give us chapter 3 you bellends....

RedDeadLB949d ago

Sorry, accidentally disagreed instead of agreed.

I want more MGS5 and I want more Big Boss.

Lightning Mr Bubbles949d ago (Edited 949d ago )

OMG, I'm sick of this crying.

I actually love the zombie co-op genre, and I'm excited to see one that mixes it with Metal Gear Solid elements. I think it's a good idea, you can't just call it milking the franchise if they actually deliver a quality product. I have to wait and see how the game actually turns out before bashing it as a cheap cash grab.

They keep saying the zombie genre is overpopulated but is it really? Cause I have Dying Light so far this gen as a Zombie game and nothing else. PS4 didn't get Dead Rising 3 and not getting Dead Rising 4. So I don't know what they're talking about. Are they actually asking gamers and fans of zombie games? Because I think there's still a lot of demand.

I'm actually excited to see where Konami takes Metal Gear now, I mean the franchise doesn't have to be dead because Kojima is gone. Even if they wanted to bring Snake back and start a new story they probably could. I mean Snake is a clone, who's to say they can't make another clone? I don't think they will do that, but they could if they wanted because it's their franchise. I respect Kojima and he gave us some good Metal Gear Solid games with his special brand of weird but in my opinion he kinda of ran out of ideas at the end... either that or they forced him to make sequels he didn't really have for the franchise . But a fresh take on Metal Gear Solid might be just what it needed. I might be crazy, but watching this new trailer and watching Metal Gear continue without Kojima got me excited for the overall franchise again not just this game.

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FunkyGoron949d ago

A badly titled article for a bad game :)

wheresmymonkey949d ago

I don' think it's that they don't care. I think it's that they don't have a clue and they fired everyone in the company that did.

AnotherProGamer949d ago

"they fired everyone in the company that did."

Most of Kojima Productions still work there, only Kojima and a few people left

Forum_Pirate949d ago

most of kojima productions are grunts who just do what they're told, just like every other company.

AnotherProGamer948d ago


No they are still talented at what they do, in fact without Tomokazu Fukushima Metal Gear games dropped in quality after MGS3

ifrit_caress949d ago

They are starting to ''care'' only because of the money they are losing and Konami is hoping this sad excuse of a Metal Gear game is a quick fix for their sad financial state.

MoveTheGlow949d ago

Kojima's tweet was just "@Konami Stop." Which is perfect. Not very excited about Left4Rhino.

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The story is too old to be commented.