Evil Avatar: Mercenaries 2: World in Flames Review

Evil Avatar writes: "What would the videogame landscape have be like if Mercenaries 2: World in Flames (from now on called Mercs 2) had come out last year at its scheduled time after Grand Theft Auto IV had been delayed? We'll never know, but if you pick up Mercs 2 you will undoubtedly see or create some comparisons between the two games although this one has no blood (Teen rating), but is generally more violent than GTA IV with a bigger variety of weapons at your disposal."

The Good:

* Game is very fun as you get out of the early stages
* The water graphic effects are fantastic
* Variety of faction, water and air vehicles make up for general lack in number of civilian ground vehicles
* You can blow things up, although not everything is destructible (invisible walls are present at places)
* The NPCs at your headquarters are invaluable

The Bad:

* Graphic fade-in of grass, rocks and even vehicles as you run or move along in vehicles
* The early contracts are monotonous and take too long to get from Point A to B when you don't have the options you do later in the game
* Not being able to re-center camera when on foot, but have the ability in vehicles

The Ugly:

* Getting close to the end of a mission only to die at the last second and have to replay it

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Silogon4332d ago (Edited 4332d ago )

No way this game is a 4/5. Not on the ps3 it isn't. It's a mess and one I don't intend to ever step back into. I had marginal fun on the side missions, but the main ones are as empty as an all you can eat buffet on fathers day.