Ghost Recon Wildlands and The Division are Extremely Different, Stop Comparing Them

This couldn't be further from the truth, even if the theory was found on the planet, non-planet Pluto.

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Nitrowolf21212d ago

If anything, wild lands is more far cry/assassin creed.

RuleNumber51212d ago

Yeah, I would even throw Grand Theft Auto out there too.

Maxor1211d ago

GR: Wildlands are The Division are exactly the same game. In fact, RB6, GR: Wildlands, The Division and For Honor are exactly the same game. By that I mean that they're all Ubisoft games with multiplayer components that will be infested by hackers and exploiters for months while the developers do absolutely nothing but count their money.

When will people learn?

_-EDMIX-_1211d ago

smh....not even the same genre, not even being made by the same team.

Maxor1211d ago

I don't care what team those games are made by, the games are all published by Ubisoft and they refuse to invest in cheat detection which lead to rampaging hackers on the PC and pervasive community clearing exploits on the console.

LexHazard791211d ago

I have not had any issues with playing Division on Xbox One or Rainbow 6 on PS4. Granted I've only had Rainbow for a week, so maybe they've already fixed exploits.

Christopher1210d ago

The Division had (might still have, don't play it anymore) a long history of issues on PS4 from my experience. Though, the majority of it being with the game, not the netcode. Not that the netcode is all that great, it isn't, but the glitches... so many glitches. Especially with the stupid barrier ability.

DeeBeers1211d ago

isnt this obvious? Only people who would align the two are ignorant haters. These are fundamentally different experiences.

Saijahn1211d ago

outside of co-op and clear visual clues i don't see how people compare these games.

Profchaos1211d ago

Wildlands most likely fell off everyone's radar after the real gameplay footage was shown a few weeks back and it was ugly af

Christopher1210d ago

I want to see how it plays with just one person. I'm not interested in co-op, so want to see how you control the AI and what you can do compared to what they showed at the event which seemed to be an extreme case of 'go anywhere, do anything'.

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