Driveclub VR Gets Screenshots Showing Details of Interiors and Tracks

Get a better look at one of the newly announced PSVR exclusive titles.

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Neonridr2842d ago

Looks good, but I will wait to see what it *actually* looks like inside the headset. Unfortunately, screen grabs do not paint the most accurate of pictures as these VR headsets (Rift, Vive, PSVR) unfortunately do not look as sharp as they do when viewed on say a TV or monitor.

That being said I am eager to see more of this title.

its_JEFF2841d ago

I would also like to see full size screens. Those are much to small to really tell how "good" it looks. But I agree, we'll never truly know until we've seen it on a headset.

nyctophilia132841d ago

True, you can't see the depth of field which is what VR is all about. Should be even more impressive when you put the headset on for yourself. Only 2 more months!

Neonridr2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

that is not what I was getting at. If you have tried the Rift or Vive you would understand what I am getting at.

People see these sharp, crisp images expecting the game to look like it does on the TV. That simply is not correct. If people don't want to accept it then fine, but they will be in for a rude awakening when they can see the actual pixels on the screen of the headset inside.

These first gen headsets are amazing, don't get me wrong, I love my Rift. But visually they take a little getting used to. Once I am fully immersed in the game, I don't notice it really anymore, but it is definitely there.

You will see when you try out PSVR.

FamilyGuy2840d ago

You're talking about that "screen door" look right? Have you tried the PSVR first-hand?
I haven't but I'm sure I read that it's more or less noticeable based on the HMD you're using. Rift, Vive, PSVR are not all the same in how bad they look.

Neonridr2840d ago

they are all going to look very similar. Rift has an overall higher resolution than the PSVR. PSVR tries to circumvent this by having 3 subpixels per pixel vs the Rift's 2 subpixels. Means there are more subpixels to the PSVR to help offset the fact that there are less overall full pixels.

People think I am trying to troll the PSVR or something, I am not. I love my Oculus Rift and I have the PSVR on preorder and can't wait to play it.

I am just trying to keep people's expectations in check so that they aren't like "WTF it doesn't look like these screenshots at all".

Screen Door Effect is a real thing, people will see for themselves I guess.

DigitalRaptor2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

Someone on this site claimed that Sony had cancelled this game after Evo's closure, but I'm glad to see it's remaining on the roster. A bit irked it's not a free update, but to be honest, I'd rather have the disc on my shelf. Looking forward to the great-looking and plentiful lineup of PSVR games when it launches. They're really going full steam ahead with the support.

Movefasta19932841d ago

It doesn't look downgraded at all!

_-EDMIX-_2841d ago

The extra CPU's in the PSVR are likely picking up the load, its likely running near the same as Driveclub vanilla

jukins2841d ago

There are no extra cpus on or in the psvr stop with the misinformation

_-EDMIX-_2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

@jukin- http://www.eurogamer.net/ar...

was revealed long ago actually.


I mean...maybe you just need to read more bud.

madmonkey012841d ago

your own link, The unit contains three separate processors: a Digital Sound Processor (DSP), a Frame Rate Conversion (FRC) unit and a third chip to correct lens distortion. nothing to enhance the graphics.

_-EDMIX-_2841d ago

@mad- "nothing to enhance the graphics"

They are also freeing up the PS4's CPU and GPU from having to process such information... ie "picking up the load" thus the PS4 is freed up to actually produce those visuals as suppose to processing this information.

Buddy, think long and hard on what you are reading.

There is a reason why Oculus Rift's PC specs are so high, all the processing is being done by the PC, not the unit. PSVR has a unit that is helping off load that data so the console isn't doing the whole grunt of the work.

Again...slowly think about what your are reading before assuming it HAS to be a GPU to help the PS4's GPU.

It merely has to help in processing information to free up the PS4's GPU and CPU. That actually still directly helps the PS4 have the PSVR games have great graphical quality.

So you think the games would look better or worst if the PS4 instead had to process that information?

ecchiless2841d ago

This info is more "actual".


From the page:
It provides no extra GPU or CPU power.
It's not any form of PS4 expansion or upgrade.
It's not directly accessible by the developer in any way - code cannot be written to it.
"The PS4 is perfectably capable of 120Hz all on its own," said Norden, emphasising that the main game rendering and processing is all carried out by the main console. However, the fact is that the PU (processing unit, as Norden called it) is actively cooled, suggesting some measure of computational power. And it is capable of carrying out a number of functions, some of which we were not previously aware of. Some of these features are crucial to the experience, while others actually offer exciting, brand new gameplay opportunities.

Aenea2841d ago

No, there's nothing to help the PS4 inside that black box for PSVR. We've been over this a gazillion times. Yes, it does certain things like splitting the video for the headset and the TV and process 3D audio, this is not what explains how a 30fps game now suddenly can run in 60fps without a downgrade.

The PS4 still has to do all the same rendering, except now it has to do so in 60fps and for 2 views instead of one AND it also has to add frames to get to 120hz, and yes, this is been done by the PS4, not PSVR itself which I assumed at first.

Utalkin2me2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )



_-EDMIX-_2840d ago

@ecc- "It provides no extra GPU or CPU power"

Never said it did.

"However, the fact is that the PU (processing unit, as Norden called it) is actively cooled, suggesting some measure of computational power. And it is capable of carrying out a number of functions,"

Yes... all of which the PlayStation 4 does not actually need to do and is freed up to focus on graphical performance.

@Aen- "The PS4 still has to do all the same rendering"


Except it's not processing the information of the little black box in the PlayStation VR is processing either. Freeing it up to work at Optimal Performance.

I'm sorry but the reality is the PlayStation 4 clearly has a separate processing unit that is processing something , that the PlayStation 4 is not...

That very much means the performance that you're seeing is better than it would have been if they had no Processing Unit in the PlayStation VR and made the PlayStation 4 processor this information instead.

ecchiless2840d ago


I not saying that you did, i only provide a link with info that was more fresh, what im really interested is the fact developers cant access the box in any single way, "It's not directly accessible by the developer in any way - code cannot be written to it. "

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Lamboomington2840d ago

no, but obviously if you do a proper comparison you will see the psvr version 'downgraded' compared to the normal version, in ways that will definitely be noticeable.

I mean, it's running at twice the framerate... ofcourse it won't be the same. That said, the VR aspect probably more than makes up for it. Besides, as long as they're clever about what they downgrade, they can keep the experience as impressive as possible (eg- keeping the amazing interiors while maybe toning down environment detail)