Dead Rising 4 Preorder Bonuses Are Different Everywhere

"Microsoft today announced the various bonuses available for preordering Dead Rising 4, and they may factor into where you decide to buy the game.Dead Rising 4 frustratingly goes the route of having retailer-specific preorder bonuses. That means you'll receive something different depending on where you pick the game up--a prospect that could be a real nuisance for Amazon Prime or Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked members who are entitled to discounts but find themselves liking what's offered at other stores." - Gamespot

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-Foxtrot1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

Man I hate this kind of thing. If it does come to the PS4 in the far future I hope it includes everything

Simon_the_sorcerer1211d ago

That´s what I´m hoping for ;)

Immorals1211d ago

Preorder exclusives suck. Not as bad as timed/exclusive DLC, but still pretty awful. We all pay for the game, are we not entitled to all the content?

Simon_the_sorcerer1211d ago

That´s how it should be. However, sadly enough that´s not the case...

pompombrum1211d ago

Capcom always do this at the detriment of their own fans.. SF5 preorder bonuses was an absolute nightmare here in the UK. Aren't Microsoft publishing this though? I'd have thought they'd want to stay well clear of such practices. Preorder bonuses are one thing but multiple retail exclusive stuff is just BS especially for collectors.

Simon_the_sorcerer1211d ago

And it´s a really sad thing imo. And I´m sorry to hear it. Hmm, I think so? And that´s what I thought as well. Yes, as you will never get a complete game/CE edition that way (unless you intend to buy every single version of the game in question).

TGG_overlord1211d ago

I would much rather have one complete edition myself. As I´m not a fan of these kinds of pre-order deals.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

I would be more happy for them to give out content In the first week of a game release. So instead of making pre order bonuses at 4 stores make them all on one code and if someone buys it the first week of release they get a bonus rather then have to pre order it for a bonus. After all wouldnt it sell more knowing you dont have to pre order to get bonuses when you can just decide to buy it in the first week of it being on shelves?