Bound PS4 Dev Loves Wii U’s Smooth Visuals, Feels PS4 and Xbox One Lost that Emphasis

Hardware has been a serious emphasis this generation, but the most power isn’t all that matters to some.

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BrandanT1212d ago

This sounds like something the N4G community will blow up about.

Well, I could say games on the PS4 look better, but they're typically in a realistic style, which gives the viewer less of an ability to focus on the image. I'm strictly speaking about art style and visuals by the way, so don't attack me.

And with Nintendo and their varied art styles, a focus point for the images are far easier to come by, which gives the game a slightly cleaner look.

Aloy-Boyfriend1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

I'm a bit confused by the "PS4 and Xbox One lost that emphasis" sentence. Did they have it to begin with? Truth be told developers left that kind of art style behind with the PS2 and went with realistic aesthetics. It is up to developers to go back to that style if their games need it. Sony still has some IPs like Knack, R&C, Dreams, and some more that push this kind of graphics. The emphasis is not all lost at least. R&C, in particular, looks bettet than any game on Wii U but that may be unfair because PS4 is a more recent system. NX needs to top Pixar Quality this time

BullyMangler1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

lol . R&C looks very good. But yes it looks pixar . though RC looks like something our brains have already experienced. nothing new, my boy.

its_JEFF1212d ago

I'm not sure what the person above me is saying (bullymangLer), but he sounds like a crazy person.

It's called are direction. I agree with @XiKurapikaKurta the look of a game depends on what type of game the dev's are trying to create and the message/look their going for. R&C and Mario cart are both going for a "cartoony" pixar look and they both succeed in that regard. Don't try to downplay one over the other. Power and the audience who consumes it definitely comes into play as well. Why would you put a super realistic, heavy drama game like The Last of Us on the Wii U? How would that game even look with the Wii U's limitations?

I love Nintendo's art direction, it's fantastic. But it's a product of the type of games they make and the audience their trying to reach. I hope they keep making games in the style they have been. No body wants to see a realistic Mario.

Ol_G1212d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

Ugh RC that shitfest that's called a game and you dare call games like Knack wtf is Dreams is it comparable to captain toad ? w101? yoshi? the new zelda?
I bought my ps4 for FF and kingdom hearts i have a ps vr on preorder i like my ps4 but there are no experiences as on the wii u i own both consoles and both have their own games where they shine the games you called are not even close

@its_JEFF beneath
Who the eff cares about the last of us only fanboys that game was done on ps3 wii u pushes better graphics and more stable framerate with vsync just because nobody is making realistic games doesn't mean the console can't push it
If they made that game it would run better than the original version (ps3) to answer your question

Keep the crap about emotions to yourself
And yeah fanboys like the last of us Sony has a lot of fanboys i don't know why you had to bring up bayonetta i'm talking about the last of us so keep your fanboy in check my dear troll
Also those same websites where saying no man's sky would be the best thing ever...... I don't know about you but i just threw away 60 bucks they should have called it crashfest 2016

its_JEFF1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

@OI_G You seem like your emotions have gotten the better of you, are you able to calm down and have an adult conversation? Just cause you have both consoles doesn't make you any different than someone who only one's just one. You think having both gives you some magical insight that others who only have one console don't? Clearly from your comments and your emotional rant, it doesn't.

Of course the Wii U pushes better graphics than a PS3, I don't even know why you brought that up? Why? That doesn't make any sense, your emotions... let's keep them in check. The PS3 was release in 2006 and the Wii U was release in 2012. You're not understanding what I said, if it's too hard for you to comprehend then I really don't want to continue talking with you.

So... only fanboys liked The Las of Us? So all those websites that gave it a really high score are just fanboys? You mean those websites that all score a lot of Wii U exclusive a really high score... Oh, okay, I get it. They were only fanboys when they scored The Last of Us really high but not when they scored Bayonetta 2 really high. Got it!

Sirk7x1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

Do you know how much money and rendering time are spent developing Pixar movies? The development budget for Cars 2, Toy Story 3, and Brave were $200,000,000 each. Expecting that from a video game developer is a pretty big request. Breath of the Wild is Nintendo's biggest game yet, and they're saying it will have to sell 2 million copies at full price just to recuperate development costs. Now that's a title that's been in creation for years (time is money man; You're not making money when you're not releasing titles), and also one with brand selling power. Not every game has that advantage. Peoples' focus on graphical fidelity is going to reach a point where the budgets required for what fans want won't be feasible for monetary returns. Look how many game companies have gone under in the last decade due to rising development costs. It can't last forever. That's why we get yearly sequels from AAA companies, as they can reduce costs reusing assets, engines etc, and reduce risk by using known IP and pumping 50% or more of the budget into advertising. They know they're running their own series into the ground, but it's the most logical way for them to make money. The well will dry eventually.

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Hoffmann1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Maybe "smooth" for kid/family friendly games.

PS: Seems Bound is a pretty mediocre game.

Eonjay1212d ago

That is a ridiculous thing to say. I mean it is the dev who chooses the visual style so if you want smoother visuals, you can do that... and with probably less effort on the Xbox One and PS4. We don't need to entertain every little stupid thing someone says.

1212d ago
_-EDMIX-_1212d ago

10000% agreed.

Technically speaking you would have more limitations on a platform with lesser Hardware options.

stuna11211d ago

That could not have been said better! Damn I miss the bubble system.

_-EDMIX-_1212d ago

What would a console maker have to do with the visuals done by developers? Isn't that by choice?

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PurpHerbison1211d ago

This reminds me of SFV vs KOFXIV from a graphical stand point. Anyone with eyes could tell you SFV is graphically stronger but KOFXIV art style is way cleaner.

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Maybay1212d ago

I wish the Wii U was a bigger success (software wise, it has the highest selling exclusives), though with its failure, it forced Nintendo into applying industry leading chips into their next gaming platform.

Darkwatchman1212d ago

Industry leading chips? It's rumored to be weaker than the ps4 3 and a half years late to the party. How is that industry leading.....

jholden32491212d ago

Being in a handheld device.

It may not stand as impressive if it were solely a home console, but having that level of power in a portable device is pretty impressive.

That's assuming the rumors are true and that it truly is a hybrid, but at this point I think that's a pretty safe bet

wonderfulmonkeyman1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

It's also rumored to be just as, if not more, powerful than all three of the current gen platforms, and to have both handheld and console sides to it. And since Third Parties have said they aren't abandoning the PS4 and XB1, matching either of them guarantees it'll have what multiplats need to exist on the system.
It really depends which rumors, all unconfirmed, you want to believe.
Guess which ones the haters ascribe to.XD

daynnight3651212d ago

C'mon u get it, as in mobile chips

Segata1212d ago

A handheld as powerful as a PS4 would be pretty awesome.

wheresmymonkey1211d ago

You also forgot that it might be able to use other devices to bump up its own power.

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1212d ago
generic-user-name1212d ago

If 'smooth' visuals mean little detail, then sure. Compare link's face with drake's or quantum break man.

lodossrage1212d ago


I wish I read your comment before I typed out mine, would have saved me some time.

Aloy-Boyfriend1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

That's a bit harsh. They are not comparing it with current gen consoles.

It is true that PlayStation and Xbox has lost this emphasis on that art style. I know Sony still has few platformers around with these graphics, but there are still plenty of classics they should revive like Ape Escape and Medievil.

Microsoft has also been resting in a gold mine for too long with all those Rare IPs. I'm all for realistic looking games, but after playing R&C I never realised how much I missed these games. Maybe many have felt the same way

PygmelionHunter1212d ago

Been begging for a new MediEvil for a really long time.

Throw in a little Dark Cloud there and I'll be a veeeery happy gamer!

generic-user-name1212d ago

Sorry but detailed visuals and art style are not mutually exclusive. Look at Journey, that sand slide section is still one of the most beautiful looking things I've ever played. Uncharted 1-3 were not considered realistic either, just highly detailed.

rjason121212d ago

You're comparing two totally different graphical styles, that's like saying compare yu-gi-oh to Harry Potter.

LucasRuinedChildhood1212d ago

Yeah, but he's commenting on the absurdity of what this developer is saying, and the only way he can do that is through comparisons to the "smooth visuals".

_-EDMIX-_1212d ago

@luca- agreed why would somebody be attributing art Direction to technical Hardware?

That's actually completely irrelevant.

Technically that would be with the developer not the actual Hardware manufacturer , they do not control what developers create or the art Direction they choose.

generic-user-name1212d ago

If yugioh is all I have to work with then I'll use yugioh.

Segata1212d ago

Link is a anime character that is cel shaded. Nate is going for realism. Not exactly comparable. Or should we compare Mario Kart to DriveClub?

generic-user-name1212d ago

No, he's a video game character. One which upset people when he went cel shaded in ww but went back to 'realistic' in tp.

Even Nate in uncharted 1-3 had more detail and uncharted 1-3 has a slight cartoonish style.

WeAreLegion1212d ago

Haha. Quantum Break Man. Freaking hilarious.

remixx1161212d ago

I thought the same exact thing!!!

generic-user-name1212d ago

His name escapes me, something Joyce I think.

BullyMangler1212d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

you speak of details that even my grandma can work on, or even a robot.

like labor of monkey, your realism stagnant graphics?

nintendo will always dominate.

sony tries to dominate, but ends up domineering .

sad but true

generic-user-name1212d ago

Grandma? How old is miyamoto again? Pretty sure grandpa is making your favourite games bud.

GordonKnight1212d ago

You are making Nintendo look bad. All three consoles are great and worth the purchase.

Just face it PS4 & X1 make realistic games a lot better than Wii U, but the Wii U was disigned to run cartoonish games very smoothly. I really think Nintendo would have a hard time porting their games over to PS4 & X1, due to the unique architecture of the system. I can't wait to see what Nintendo does with the NX, but I feel the same way about the scorpion & PS5.

Happy gaming!

Ol_G1212d ago

yeah i'm disgusted to have to look at their wannabe realistic plastic faces
Give me Link's smooth face any time of the day you can keep your gritty shitfaced Drake and QB

1211d ago
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lodossrage1212d ago

The visual are usually smooth because there isn't much going on and the graphics aren't really pushed.

Nintendo games are usually just really high on being colorful and that's giving off the sense of being smooth. Playstation and Xbox games try to push graphics and realism whereas Nintendo is still going for the bright, shiny cartoon look.

Long story short, games with less detail are always going to look smoother than games with more detail.

blawren41212d ago

graphically superior doesn't necessarily make a better playing game. That is the point of the article, that realism is not always superior. Doesn't make anyone right or wrong, but that the emphasis on realism isn't the end all be all of gaming. I hope that as a gamer, the community can still embrace all kinds of gaming, and art styles.

fatneal1212d ago

thank you get it

wonderfulmonkeyman1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Thank you.
Also, just to add, I believe the realism races are another big reason behind why development costs for games have been spiraling out of control lately.
It might be time, for the sake of budgets and the overall cost to consumers as well, to take a step back from the efforts to cram as many polygons on screen as possible.
It's not as if realism is needed in order to make a compelling title that adult gamers can enjoy, anyways.
Only someone childish would equate a game to kiddy trash based off of its graphics, after all.
We've also reached the point where we're seeing diminishing returns from polygon chasing.
The improvements in graphics between gens are not the great leaps and bounds they once were, so now seems like as good a time as any to refocus.

rjason121212d ago

Yeah and end up looking outdated within a couple of years, while people are still praising stuff like windwaker and Mario Galaxy.

_-EDMIX-_1212d ago

Sometimes being cartoony or stylized does not convey the message that the developer seeking to convey to the consumer.

If it ends up looking outdated, then so be it , but they're trying to convey something to the current.

We can have both art directions to fit both Concepts....

It's not an either/or

rjason121212d ago

@EDMIX I totally agree. I was just pointing out that when they're realistic looking games tend to look outdated fast, even Nintendos lol.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1211d ago

Xenoblade Chronicles X says HI