Final Fantasy 15 Hands-On: Weird, wonderful and definitely in need of that delay - VG247

VG247: A recent hands-on with Final Fantasy 15 has convinced us the delay to November is in game’s best interest, despite its brilliance.

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Elda1212d ago

Great article,can't wait to finally have this game in my hands!

joab7771212d ago

That and as mentioned, maybe the head to head w P5 in Japan was a factor too.

joethetimelord1212d ago

Considering the pre-order spike in Japan, the delay only ensured that Persona 5 wouldn't be a flop.

joethetimelord1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

I had a funny feeling you couldn't go offroad in the car. It's an odd restriction, but one you tend to see very often in Japanese games; it's practically a tradition at this point. I am liking the comparison to Shenmue, as it implies atmosphere in abundance, something a lot of games have been lacking of late.

My biggest concern (besides the FPS hits and occasional texture plodding) is that the game itself seems to appeal specifically to what I want in a game like this, and that appeal (a love of strange, large-scale games like Shenmue, Yakuza, and Deadly Premonition; heavy on atmosphere, a slow-burn pace, and weird details to a fault) isn't popular with mainstream audiences. Shenmue took over a decade and a kickstarter before showing signs of life again, Yakuza constantly struggles to localize outside of Japan, and Deadly Premonition only barely made it through its own bizarre nature and a 20 dollar pricetag. I'm imagining that people may even hate FFXV for reasons I wouldn't.

I'm seeing a flawed, but heartfelt adventure with a huge story and unique atmosphere that won't be for everyone, but may end up being loved by those it is aimed at. The Day 1 patch delay was a good decision. This game needs to be beautiful and at least mostly smooth if it's going to get the average gamer to look past its eccentricities, or possibly even appreciate them.

DarXter1211d ago

Good article... love to read about all the little details to the world.

I honestly expected the driving to be automated and the actual exploration on foot; but I am curious how this will change when the car turns into an airplane (from an earlier video).

joethetimelord1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

I feel, from what we've been told and shown, that you have full control of the car while flying, but still have certain landing restrictions you'd expect from piloting an airplane.

Evidently you get upgrades to your car as you go, and it's implied that the car'll get several features in between the standard highway version from the beginning to the flying Type-F you end up having. Not sure if you can ever go offroad while driving on land, though, even with upgrades. Even landing the Type-F off of the road apparently crashes the car.