NieR Automata is coming to PC via Steam in Early 2017

In a surprise announcement, NieR Automata is coming to Steam in addition to PlayStation 4 in early 2017. News comes from a video message from director Yoko Taro during a special IGN live stream … Continue reading →

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lelo2play2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

Developers ignoring PC market in this day and age is just plain stupid. Lot of money to be made...

Eonjay2841d ago

Not just that but when you consider they are making games on consoles which now use PC parts, it can't be that hard to just go the extra mile.

Filmicfps2841d ago

Wow coming to PC too. Nice!

t-hall7852841d ago

Yep seems like all console exclusives are slowly creeping to PC one by one. Very interesting future indeed.

Ginpachi-sama2841d ago

Lol sony first party games arent coming to pc

Tech52841d ago

only place to play both Nier and ScaleBound on the same platform.

CoLD FiRE2841d ago

As someone who doesn't have a PS4 and was interested in this game, I'm so happy that it's coming to PC.

Lynx02072841d ago

As someone who does have a PS4, I'm happy too. PC usually has much better graphics and games are cheaper so PC edition is always a good news.

hiredhelp2841d ago

Lynx thats a real nice thing to say only if others had your maturity.

R6ex2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Also, PC games can still be played even into the future whereas my Xbox 360, PS2 & PS3 games died when their consoles died.

_-EDMIX-_2841d ago

I think all the major Japanese RPGs should be coming to PC by default as I believe it's the safest platform for them to release their content on.

I believe valkyria Chronicles only is getting a 4th game simply because of its success on Steam.

I think Gamers even on Console should be championing this practice as the game selling and doing well means inevitable sequels for console owners too.

Consider this , would we had a rather valkyria Chronicles stayed on PlayStation 3 as a l ow selling game or would we had rather it appear on PC too giving them enough sales to justify a fourth title?

I want to see Square bringing all their major titles day and date on PC because the genre is way too niche to be bringing titles to a single platform.

ONESHOTV22841d ago

i agree that would be a good move for any Japanese studio plus games on pc dont lose their value like it does on console a game can sell a lot then fall off the charts and then rise again