Madden NFL 17 Review – Perennial Powerhouse Stuffed At The Goal Line | COG

COG writes: The Madden franchise returns for another year bringing with it a glut of new features and enhancements. Will Madden NFL 17 make it to the end zone?

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Deadlead1208d ago

This is why I've started buying Madden every other year. Feels a lot fresher with 2 years of improvement, as opposed to a $60 roster update.

FullmetalRoyale1208d ago

100% agreed. This year is my year to buy, and I am actually really looking forward to it, in a way that getting it every year doesn't do for me.

Nolando1208d ago

I am glad i am not the only one.

Last time i bought madden was 14 so 3 years will hopefully feel fresh enough. Plus i was waiting for them to add more features to franchise and this version does that; so perfect time to jump in.

detroitmademe1208d ago

I'm a fan of Madden but I've been turned off by the lack of progression lately, even tho i recognize Madden is a good game overall. Things like pre game,halftime and post game shows have been missing since Madden 2010. Franchise mode is severely lacking in a bunch of different ways. It should be much ďeeper than it is. There should be more story lines, create a team sucks now and where's the multiplayer mode where you can create your own character and play 7 vs 7 or 11vs11 multiplayer games. Just to many missed opportunities. Madden needs competition. End the contract with the nfl plz.

InTheZoneAC1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

since I don't care about half the features just review the online portion.

What have they done to eliminate people from delaying games and forcing you to eventually quit even after waiting out their endless pause?

Can I quick play using "best connection" filters so I don't get paired with someone on the west coast or in another country that's lagging the game? Have they implemented something to where the game detects severe lag and gives you the option to opt out without a loss/penalty(as long the opening kickoff hasn't started) because half the time these idiots will want to play through a laggy game instead of accepting a friendly quit and finding a new game in 5 seconds...

How are the animations and framerate?

Are there more than 10 songs this time, can we select the soundtrack...I don't want to listen to rap for every or every other song

How well do defenses adapt? Can dime defenses still somehow shut down runs by cheesy players? Can defenses still play cover 3 or 4 all day and able to shut everything down?

Does coverage shift actually work this time? When I tell my guys to cover inside and they consistently still get beat on inside routes that is beyond retarded.

Every year the game is rated the same, but that's fine to me since I don't use most of the extra stuff anyway and haven't touched offline franchise since the ps2 madden's went online. I know I'll enjoy this game so the review score is irrelevant to me, I just want a handful of things to be addressed every year.

detroitmademe1208d ago

@InTheZoneAC You must be kidding me, online games suck on Madden. I'm mainly an online gamer but sports games online suck ass in my òpinion. Lag ruins games, people use the same handful of plays to exploit gameplay mechanics and overall they just don't play out anything like a real game. I'd rather them focus on making franchise mode deeper and more immersive and how about adding a 22 player multiplayer mode where you create your own character and play against other players. At least that way i wouldn't have to worry about it not playing out like a traditional game cause it would all be fictional.

InTheZoneAC1208d ago

I play online because the competition is better and games are more challenging. Yes half the games are run by idiot kids or adults who stick with one play all game, then quit once they're down by 7 after failing a 4th and 23 on their own 20 yard line, but the other half of the games are what's good.

I don't play offline because the computer is easy. If you try custom sliders to make it harder than all madden then it just gets unrealistic and not fun.

But what you stated about online games I already covered in my initial post with what I expect from EA and how to handle lag and exploits...

InTheZoneAC1208d ago

as for the "22 player multiplayer mode where you create your own character and play against other players" that won't happen. You complain about lag then somehow expect that 20 other players added in wouldn't just hack the whole game and make it unbearably laggy?

detroitmademe1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

Also I'm starting to wonder if Madden is suffering because of a lack of talent developer - wise as well. Maybe Madden lacks the groundbreaking new features it's supposed to have every year because the team developing it just aren't capable of getting it done

detroitmademe1208d ago

Just think about it. We're expected to pay 60 dollars for a game that is pretty much a roster update for anyone who has bought any of the current gen maddens. Not to mention the game dramatically loses trade in value because it's a yearly release. Yet we complain about no man's sky being $60? Like i said, I'm a fan overall but we're kinda getting ripped off when you put everything in perspective. I'm sorry, the makers of Madden just aren't doing enough to warrant a $60 purchase. Madden needs some real nfl competition

InTheZoneAC1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

I'm not complaining about a $60 price tag for NMS and I'm not complaining about a $60 price tag for Madden. I play at least a hundred online matches in every madden, that's getting my money's worth if you ask me.

Every year they add in more realistic animations/physics, and yes it sucks that not everything is complete. I don't buy games with "trade in value" concerns. if I want to save on a game I buy it later and keep it. And if you're concerned about trade in value you're always setting yourself up for failure since you'll get less than just selling it elsewhere.

Madden is always a day 1 buy for me because I enjoy it every year and play it a lot compared to most of my other games.

I wouldn't call them lazy or incapable, they have years of experience and a very large team. There's only so much you can do in less than a year's time for a game, think about it. The game is always expanding. It's not like other annual games that are built by different teams at the same time, even though one is completed a year prior.

Madden doesn't have that privilege of developing one madden while working on another while working on another. They are working on ONE game and that's it.

Don't think I'm making excuses for any lack of feature, just throwing out perspectives for the process of development for this game. They can only add so much and keep up with QA in less than 12 months times for each game.

If you want to skip a year or two then by all means that is your right since you feel they don't do enough, but I see so many people bash them and don't really understand the scope of the entirety of this game.

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Psychotica1208d ago

This game is just to complicated for me to enjoy now. Before all that "Ultimate Team" crap you could just pick a team and play a season and I didn't have to remember 500 button combinations to do things. Now to do a simple play you have to hold A while tapping the left bumper 3 times exactly while pressing down on the d-pad while holding the right trigger while spinning in you chair while singing the college fight song of your QB.

InTheZoneAC1208d ago

it appears you haven't tried to play madden in a long time

madden on ps4 is no more complicated than madden on ps3 or ps2 after about 04/05 in terms of going into a quick game and playing.

They have actually simplified the controls since those games so if anything you're pressing less buttons for the same execution. But if you want to utilize every option, then you're going to press a few more buttons presnap, but that's nothing.

If you are a long time madden player you know these controls by heart.

detroitmademe1208d ago

Bottom line is unfortunately the makers of Madden have gotten lazy and there's no competition pressing them like there was back in the late 90's and early 2000's. There's no way that you can't get a player vs player online football game to run balanced and smooth, yet there's games like battlefront that are much more hectic, yet they run buttery smooth. Not to mention all the features they remove then put back in acting like there new features lol

detroitmademe1208d ago

@InTheZoneAC I don't buy games based off trade in value but buying a 60 dollar game only to trade it in a 6 months later for $2.50 is kinda weird. Also the development time of Madden is not an excuse for Madden to lack features. But this is why i say Madden Needs competition. I bet features would magically be more plentiful if Madden had some true competition. Their either being greedy, lazy or incapable but either way Madden isn't progressing enough to justify a $60 purchase every year. And this is coming from a fan of Madden. I just wanna see Madden make some true strides

badboyz091208d ago

Help Bring Back NFL 2K. Sign The Petition!!! Spread the word on YouTube,Twitter,Facebook etc...


Akuma2K1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

Not gonna happen, those petitions have been going on for the last 3 to 4 years (if not longer) and i also signed the petition quite a few times but the fact is the NFL isn't going to end its contract with EA. I'm an avid 2k5 fan but I gave up that fight years ago of wanting another 2k football game, we're stuck with madden and that's just the way it is. I'll be picking up this year's madden, of course its not 2k football but I don't care because I want to play a football game.