Scalebound Will Have Cross-Play; Drew Can Actually Control Thuban Directly

Scalebound's Gamescom 2016 presentation revealed some interesting details about the upcoming Action RPG by PlatinumGames.

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ccgr1213d ago

Sounds promising, I hope Platinum can pull it off, their games have been hit or miss lately!

Mostafeto1213d ago

Idk, I honestly kind of liked Transformers, even with all its flaws.

candystop1213d ago

And I agree with your hit or miss statement. So far I've been happy with what's been shown but somehow feel a little disappointed. Hopefully my worries will be no more closers to release. Scalebound is showing great potential!

CocoaBrother1213d ago

Platinum games that are funded by Activision have been misses due to budget and time restraints. With Bayonetta 2, Nier, and Scalebound, they are given resources and time to create their games because they aren't rushed to ship out the games

BartMoons1213d ago

Man this is going to be epic indeed. Thank god it's not A.I.

Aurenar1213d ago

I love Chen they talk about cross-play. It sounds like we all win.

Gitgud1213d ago ShowReplies(3)
christocolus1213d ago

Sounds interesting. Can't wait to play this, Crackdown 3 and Sot.

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