PES 2017 Demo - Release Dates and Details

FIFPlay: PES 2017 Demo will be available in North/Central/South America and Europe in end of August.

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ocelot071206d ago

Good to know. I wonder when the FIFA demo will release?

1206d ago
RPG12011206d ago

Does it beat FIFA this year? that is the real question.

KingPin1206d ago

well in terms of gameplay. it beat FIFA last 2 years running. sales however is a different story.

iistuii1206d ago

Both have faults but I can't enjoy PES16 against the AI. I don't understand how these reviewers can give a game such a high score when half the game is missing, & i don't mean the licences. I have played complete seasons & been given 1 free kick in a season, that's stupid. No free kicks-no penalties-no red or yellow cards, now how on earth can a football game get such a high score when all that missing. It passes much better than Fifa & the ball movement etc too, but please lets hope they sort out the AI this season.