Scorpio and Neo won’t save Quake Champions on consoles, says id Software

In an interview with Tim Willits, creative-director of Quake Champions, we were told hardware is not the reason why the game is not coming to Xbox or PlayStation.

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SlappingOysters1209d ago

Damn, that's a harsh blow. Doom just smashed it on consoles - so why no love id?

Lon3wolf1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

From the sounds of it they reckon the speed of the game will not be controller friendly.

Lol getting negged for quoting the article:

True, but [this decision] is not about the hardware. It’s about how hard it is to play this type of game with a controller.

InTheZoneAC1208d ago

seeing how nubs in Cod play on controller sensitiviy 10 anyway, not that they're any good, I don't see this being a valid excuse.

Gitgud1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

@InTheZone I played 14 sensitivity in COD BO3, and I'm great. You're right though, it's a bullshit excuse.

NapalmSanctuary1208d ago

The simple solution is to make the console version compatible with a mouse and keyboard.

FlameBaitGod1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

and it is true, console fanboys are always in denial and think controller is just as good at m/k when it isn't even if you play in 100 sense.... and doom is a joke compared to quakes speed btw.... oh and who ever said cod.... LULZ!

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NohansenBoy1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

Keyboard, mouse, bigger FOV, and high frame rates help a lot in FPS games. Consoles are too restrictive to allow for any of these.

zerocarnage1208d ago

Keyboard mouse support is not far away on Xbox.

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1208d ago

Keyboard and mouse is supported already on ps4, and with NEO and Scorpio bringing higher specs they can put in a wider fov and achieve higher frame rates

Nitrowolf21208d ago

The issue isn't whether or not the console supports it, the issue is that it's not a standard with consoles whereas it is with pc. How many people play with m&k on console compared to controllers? Obviously not many.

NohansenBoy1208d ago

I wonder how many disagrees I can get on this site.

joeorc1208d ago

It's all up to developers if "they want" the key point is the standard controller option is Bluetooth game pad, but since standard USB keyboard and mouse works...Developers would have to add it in..

Corpser1208d ago

Yeah they can't make a game require k/b, console makers won't allow it. People are going to use controllers and complain

1208d ago
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SilverDemon1208d ago

After all change org petitions for bloodborne, horizon,persona5,uncharted4 spidermanPS4 etc.....
You got a short memory buddy

Hoffmann1208d ago

The best jokes are those that almost nobody understood ;-)

zerocarnage1208d ago

Devs I think who Sony won't get there titles on the neo and Scorpio, Honestly I can't imagine what idiotic kind of backwards thinking that is.

Not only is it an untapped x amount of millions of users for any older titles still going or any new titles about to be released, but the amount of revenue that despite possibly older games becoming stale for users on pc to console players there like new games period.

We are already seeing a good amount of devs putting in the work because they realise the above from what I said and that's great, but I just can't understand the ones who don't, especially when mouse and keyboard support is now months away for Xbox, don't know how song are handling that bit.

But you see devs need to change and stop with this no console approach and alienating consoles to a degree your pushing away a good many millions of possible owners of your title and a good many possible in game purchase payers.

I know what I would be doing if I was a dev on pc and that's get the work done and get the team's developed titles on console asap.

s45gr321208d ago

I do should point out that game developers need to stop releasing half ass PC ports or handicapping games due to being released on consoles. Is just a proven fact that console gamers (MAJORITY not all) do not like complex games; hence, no rts, mmo, or simulation games on consoles. I also want to point out that is up to PC devs to release their games on console or not

SlappingOysters1208d ago

I thought you could play consoles with a mouse and keyboard if you wanted to anyway?

Nitrowolf21208d ago

Yea but they aren't gonna make a game that forces people on a platform to use that type of control.

PC Gamers play with m&k majority of the time, where as with consoles it's a very small minority

Surt1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

I don't mind. I just upgraded my rig, so I will be getting quake. Doom did what I told those it would do. Even with people bitching of the "compromise" that it had to do. It has started to peek interest in something that was long dead. And that's awesome.

Besides let the "pc master race" get a exclusive. So far they only get shit MOBA and grindfest MMO's.

s45gr321208d ago

No rts ❤ :

Xcom 2
Offworld trading company
Total War Warhammer

No mention of simulator exclusive games like American Truck

No mention of exclusive games like death smiles or Lethe One.

PC gaming home to platformers like cave story, retro jrpgs, and lots and lots of shmup games. ....

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