Star Citizen is Free For Everyone This Weekend in Honor of Gamescom 2016

Forget No Man's Sky for a few days and jump into Star Citizen this weekend.

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crazychris41241210d ago

Naturally the weekend I go away they give us a free weekend. Oh well there will other free weekends.

morganfell1210d ago

Its the only price to pay for this game. Chris Roberts and gang really have shown themselves to be a bunch of lowlifes.

moralsup1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

I signed up just to make this reply, im extremely curious as to why you think they are a bunch of lowlifes, they are not in any way, whatsoever. I dont see how you came to that conclusion

morganfell1210d ago

I was a long time Chris Roberts fan. I played games like the Wing Commander series and WC Privateer (loved 2 - made by his brother Erin). But the actions they have begun to commit are just atrocious. It seems like all this cash went to their head and they think they can do anything. I was at Reddit when this began to blow up. This is just one, just one example of tons of incidents:

moralsup1210d ago

I still dont see how you can call Chris Roberts and "gang", lowlifes. I follow them closely, and i havent seen or heard about any atrocious actions. I really think your first comment is quite unfair.

morganfell1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

You are following them and not their actions. Reading what they publish is not actually observing the impacts of what they do. It is not following the threads that show how they have continually moved or deleted goal posts simply because they feel like it. Changing the TOS so it makes it permissible to delete entire features and then increase the difficulty to get a refund when you state those now removed features are why you signed up is inexcusable. You are welcome not to pay attention to the man behind the curtain if you wish but it in no way detracts from the reality of their actions.

ONESHOTV21210d ago

dont get these guys confused with hello games man

No Way1210d ago

Well, Morganfell.. you're such an upstanding citizen aren't you?

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1210d ago
Vasto1210d ago

I will give it a try.

About time we got a real space game.

1210d ago
Artemidorus1210d ago

Wish consoles were capable of having this game, sadly they made it clear consoles can't handle it.

endi1231210d ago

Maybe for neo and Scorpio in the future, who knows

Artemidorus1210d ago

I won't be buying one though.

ONESHOTV21210d ago

if they did have interest in a console which they dont but i think they would go for the xone becuase the game is already on a windows platform

1210d ago
_-EDMIX-_1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

They actually made that comment before PlayStation 4 and Xbox One actually released....

Technically speaking Star Citizen can very much exists on both consoles clearly with accommodations.

There's technically nothing happening inside of the game that would make it impossible to work on current machines.

I also think you're confusing the current build of star citizen on maxed out rigs with the game in general.

Chris Roberts himself actually stated that they would bring them to other platforms only when they were done with the PC version if Sony and Microsoft were interested.

@end- why would they limit their install base? It would actually make more sense to have it work on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One AND the upgrades.

I'm running Star Citizen on an HD 5770.....

Artemidorus1210d ago

I know they could do something but lets be honest, large downgrades, sub 1080p and 30fps would be realistic.

It's a very detailed game

_-EDMIX-_1210d ago

@art- how many do you think really even care? Of course consumers know it's not going to be equivalent to the highest end PC build as it's extremely unrealistic.

My comment was merely stating that the game is very much feasible on current platforms.

Artemidorus1209d ago

Yes but at a price the downgrades would be big it's 2016 and we got games consoles that cannot go near 2k. Not good which is why you are seeing refined consoles.

Maybe the new consoles could provide more juice and give it the experience we all would like.

_-EDMIX-_1209d ago

@Art- the concept of Star Citizen has nothing to do with its resolution or frames bud.

Time and time again, gaming has shown that gamers favor the concept, above fancy bells and whistles performance. Pretty positive you can enjoy Star Citizen at 1080p 30fps bud, even 900p 30fps and most positive MOST won't care.

Have you not factored that GTAV moved 35 million units last gen on consoles that didn't hit 1080p 60fps on that title?

Did you not factor that The Last Of Us moved around 7 million while NOT being in 1080p 60fps?

Sooooo what evidence do you have that gamers will suddenly not be able to play or enjoy Star Citizen merely because its not running on some mega beast PC?

Did they not enjoy last gen's titles despite not running at the greatest possible settings? Are you seriously not getting this is the same story told EVERY GEN, yet consoles continue to break records? will have downgrades as clearly it will need to accommodate to running on PS4 and XONE, but have you not considered that is the situation FOR EVERY MULTIPLATFORM GAME? Why are PS4 and XONE still moving huge units bud? What you stated has nothing to actually do with "consoles can't handle it" it has everything to do with "consoles can't handle it" TO A DEGREE OF.

Of course on a MAXED PC, it will be more then what a console could handle.........that is based on that specific build, NOT THE CONCEPT OF THE ENTIRE GAME! ie yes, I can max out Witcher 3 at 4k 200fps, that doesn't mean Witcher 3 "consoles can't handle it", it merely means based on those settings.

Once again, I've followed this game since its announcement, I own parts of the game, I own a PS4 too, I'm telling you your comment is wrong!

The director was referring to PS3 and 360 at the time, he never stated it wouldn't ever be on console, he stated he wanted to finish the PC version first.

They had a PS4 devkit.

It was stated if Sony and MS allow for it to be open with the PC version then they wouldn't have a problem. It was stated that they wouldn't dumb down the PC version, NOT that they would not have a console version...merely the PC version would not be effected by a console version, it would only come after the PC version is finished.

"Maybe the new consoles could provide more juice and give it the experience we all would like."

Thats as dumb as saying maybe a new GPU could "provide more juice and give it the experience we all would like"

That is preference bud, that isn't required to play Star Citizen, again...I'm running it on a HD 5770 and I can't even play Witcher 3 or AC Unity on my PC.... Your using exaggerated PC specs as some "necessity" when its actually a optional choice, not a need. ie I play it on a HD 5770, it CAN be played on a 1080 GTX..

ie I can play it on PS4 or XONE, it CAN be played on a PS4 Neo or Scorpio.

Have you seriously not considered this or? lol Please......look up Star Citizen's specs bud, read the comments by its director too. Mind you, I game on both platforms and own a part of this game.

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ONESHOTV21210d ago

i have the launcher on my harddrive from the other free week end will start it up when the time comes

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