Dark Souls 3 Patch 1.11 in August 25th

FromSoftware has released notes for an upcoming patch on August 25th, that modifies some animation cancel issues among changes to weapons and the usually mysterious "performance adjustments".

A full translation of the notes is provided.

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Fextralife1213d ago

Well they said it's working as intended so... :/

Liqu1d1213d ago

It's already in the game and working as intended. It affects your hyper armour now.


Isnt some news for us ashen ones on the 24th for ds3? Pretty sure i seen ot on twitter and then this comes out day later.

Fextralife1212d ago

Yes there's an "announcement for an announcement" on the 24th. Namco confirmed it's not t-shirts:


I hope it's not for t-shirts, last time they did the whole we have big news was just for merchandise if i remember correctly haha. i am hopeing its for dlc this time around :)

Fextralife1212d ago

He promised it would not be t-shirts... and to "trust him, it's big"
Haven't we all heard that one before? giggle

Maxor1213d ago

Release the DLC already!!

esmittystud1011213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

I just started digging in this game and I can say I'm very happy. Seems like the mixture of the Bloodborne fast paced combat trickled down to this a little which I like. But I love my shield at the same time so both systems work for me. I haven't got very far in the game yet. Is there any "World Tendency / Character Tendency" aspects to this game? I just can't tell yet since I have less than five hours of playtime so far. Which if they left it out it wouldn't bother me. Its kinda a pain at times in Demon's Souls I learned. I would just rather not have to worry about how many times I die, like you do in Demon's Souls. I can see why they weaned out those factors early in the series. Its more of a pain than what you benefit from the game by going pure black and pure white. I get multiple playthroughs is much needed in that game for progressing on finding all phantoms and what not.

I basically started Demon's Souls (first time about a month ago), it took me a pretty good while to start figuring out that dying can really hurt your playthrough. After starting my play through over multiple times I just sat it down and started Dark Souls III in the meantime. I do wana hop back in Demons' Souls though. The Nexus is by far the best hub of the series. Dark Souls III did a pretty good job though. I'm glad they took The Nexus into consideration and based if off something like that. Hunters Dream was okay I guess. Majula was okay as well. I still like Firelink Shrine in DS though and how it connected the map into different paths and how they didn't give you warping until later in the game. It basically let you memorize the map even if you didn't want to which I loved.

I just need to get a better take on Demon's Souls and those World Tendency / Chartacter Tendency. Any websites would be much needed. I have the strategy guide for Demon's Souls (PDF), but the sections on World Tendency / Character Tendency is confusing to say the least. Should I just play through the entire game and then try and go to Black Tendency at the end to hit all those events? I'm lost I think.

Fextralife1212d ago

Dark Souls 3 is fantastic, and so is Bloodborne. Demon's is still my favorite of the series though. World/Character tendency isn't as complex as you think. Pretty much: kill bosses, don't die = whiter world. Die a lot = blacker world. Kill red phantoms, don't kill npc = white character. Kill npcs = dark character.