Half-Life 3 Poster appears at Gamescom that was Certainly Unexpected

At this year's Gamescom, we saw a huge minimalist poster in orange that seems to advertise Half-Life 3. But it's definitely not what you're thinking of.

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Garethvk1213d ago

It is a fake. It has been posted already.

Pingal1213d ago

But it hasn't been approved already. Help me approve this? After all, I have added it into Articles category and not news.

ccgr1213d ago

Must be a joke, Valve can't count to 3

1212d ago Replies(1)
XUnit1212d ago

Looks like it's from Giga Games. A german TV Games Show sort of - roughly +12 years old now.
It reads/translates: Editorial journalist that have played it "back then".
It's only an ad for GIga basically. Good joke though.

1212d ago Replies(2)
dRanzer1212d ago

it is joke.
there is a reason why they put colon(?) after the HALF LIFE : 3
3 represent the number of editors that played it long time ago

MasterCornholio1212d ago


Looks like a face to me.

SolidGear31212d ago

The face represents us being laughed at, lol

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The story is too old to be commented.