No Man's Sky review | IGN Italy

Hello Games' procedural dream is becoming a reality, but we'll probably need to wait months/years to see the process completed.

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Filmicfps1206d ago

even ign has different views inside itself. 9 in spain, 75 italy and 6 us. So try for yourself is the answer!

Perjoss1205d ago

I decided to ignore all the reviews and check this out for myself. So glad that I did!

gangsta_red1205d ago

I tried it and I have to say that the if there is a right score for NMS then it would sit on 6 or 7 out of 10.

DigitalRaptor1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

So far, I would land it at around 7.8/10. With future expansion, I can see the potential for going on an 8.5/10 game.

Having said that, I think achieving almost 7.5/10 average considering insane controversy and harshest of criticisms this game has had thrown at it over the past week or so, is absolutely remarkable, and actually quite surprising. Glad to see it succeed anyway, so they now have plenty of resources to build on what is a strong foundation.