Super Mario 64 VS Banjo-Kazooie

For those who grew up with an Nintendo 64, these 2 games were very likely you go-to 3D platformer on your shiny new Christmas present. Join WatchMojo as they square off the two biggest 3D Platforming juggernauts on the system: Nintendo’s Super Mario 64 versus Rare’s Banjo Kazooie.

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Neonridr1212d ago

no contest.. I mean Banjo was a great game, but SM64 defined the ERA of 64 bit gaming and showed the world how to do a 3D game properly.

pasta_spice1212d ago

Super Mario 64 is the more historically important game, but Banjo is the better game.

x_BlackRose1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Its a draw, at least for me. These were the first two games I ever got for my N64 back in '98. Nostalgia makes it too hard to give either on the edge. Both wonderful games that I still dabble in from time to time on emulators

MetroidFREAK211212d ago

Super Mario 64 no doubt! I recently just tried Banjo for the first time and OMG... was it tediously dull... The levels were far too large for that type of game, and the over abundance of collectables made it a chore to play. I shut it off after 20 minutes...

The reason I chose Mario 64 is because it still plays great, the level design is memorable, it's streamlined with clear objectives, and because I can play that game 20 years later, and still have a great time...

pasta_spice1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

How could you tell if the levels are too large and there's too many collectibles if you only played 20 minutes of it? You would have barely been introduced to Gruntilda's castle, let alone anything past the first level (which is an intro level anyway).

MetroidFREAK211211d ago

It's true, but you looked too deep into my comment... Just didn't like the game. That's all

esmittystud1011212d ago

Donkey Kong 64 was also a good game like those.