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silkrevolver1866d ago

Huh. So Konami's giving us a Metal Gear in a genre nobody asked for instead of the obvious Chapter 3 that everyone wants?

Sounds about right.

PaleMoonDeath1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

Still looks better than anything MGO3 has to offer.

Edit: As if it doesn't look better :P Damn Kojima fanboys are rabid today, Portable Ops son, was dope!

JackStraw1866d ago

so true. people want to hate this game because of their fanboyish loyalty to kojima. it's sad.

Gitgud1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

@Jack nah man people hate it because Zombies is mediocre and you'd be mental to deny that. They should have worked on something more reasonable, like chapter 3.

rocketpanda1866d ago

No JackStraw, oh he of simple mind and olde memory.

Nothing to do with fanboyism. Maybe it's because Konami treated Kojima and his development team little shite and tried to scrub him from the metal gear series, the same IP he made infamous and made Konami money.

Only for Konami to make glorified gambling machines and a generic coop game using the Metal Gear name.

Might at well call metal gear skidmark from this point on.

PaleMoonDeath1866d ago

This'll probably explain a bunch to you Kojima riders. My friends and I lasted two weeks from launch on MGO3, maxed out all classes, we need the skill system, ditch the classes, survival Wednesdays and more tactical maps and throw back maps from MGS4/MGS3/MGS1 and better playable special characters and the point weapon system when you have to earn kills to get new weapons in-game.

This new approach to MGO3 was built for non-fans of the series and it has suffered from it, MGS fans are those who play these games long term. Trying to appeal to everyone took away the harsh but reasonable attraction MGO2 most certainly had for us.

Or they can release MGO2 on PS4 etc >:) 1080p 60FPS glory! If you actually read through this, here's a virtual cookie, Hayters gonna Hayte ;)

Gitgud1866d ago

@Twiggy we ain't Kojima ridin mate. No one wanted any Zombie related DLC which costs $30 mind you, we wanted Chapter 3. You know what would've been cool instead of this or MGO? A RDResc online mode, that would've been fucking amazing instead of some remaster of MGO2. Konami fucked up Kojima's franchise, they deserve all the bad they get.

Bahamut1866d ago

This game looks like garbage, no thanks. Now a MGS3 remake with the pachinko machine's character models? I'd be down for that.

JackStraw1866d ago

funny all the pseudogamers say "no" and then go on to prove my point. let the hilarity continue.

2pacalypsenow1865d ago

Metal gear is Kojima, so that makes us Metal gear Fanboys, no shame in that

morganfell1865d ago

The reason they used a wormhole as a plot device is so they can import any character in the MG DLC. Just watch. Add The Boss for $19.99

_-EDMIX-_1865d ago

@jack- it's not MGS thus.... don't care.

Co op online?

Nope. An easy pass.

ONESHOTV21865d ago

Portable Ops was great i enjoyed it a lot as well

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naruga1866d ago

Cod Zombies +Metal gear 5 =Metal gear survive ...though i wont judge this right away negatively ..maybe is fun and smthing that doesnt mess with the existing cast

Lightning Mr Bubbles1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

I agree. It didn't look that bad to me but I love zombie games so maybe I'm biased. This is like Metal Gear's take on the zombie genre and it might fill in nicely while I wait for games like Dead Island 2 or the next Left 4 Dead if they ever make it.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1866d ago

It's "Metal Gear Dead island", I totally want!

lunatic00011866d ago

You're asking for ch about the real ch 2 instead of the repeat of ch 1 missions but harder with a little story sprinkled over it

THamm1866d ago

So is this DLC or a full game?? Doesn't look tempting as a full game.

-Foxtrot1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

"transported through wormholes into an alternate universe, where they’re forced to battle a force of crystalline zombies and, it seems, at least one Metal Gear itself"


Are they kidding? A wormhole? ZOMBIES?

Wow they've lost it. They've turned MGS into some over the top co-op survival game about the multiplayer experience so they can charge for more MT.

Mystogan1866d ago

I'm not one to judge a book by its cover(in fact I often give them the benefit of the doubt), but this just from the description sounds horrible. Hopefully I'm wrong.

bloop1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

This is the worst book cover ever.

dumahim1866d ago

A Metal Gear *game

(Disclaimer: May not actually contain a metal gear)

joab7771866d ago

They know what we want.

Twinblade1866d ago

Don't think Chapter 3 is gonna happen.

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TheColbertinator1866d ago

At least Pachinko had sweet character redesigns. This looks nothing like...Metal Gear has done since the 80s. Even MGR and Acid had some connection :/

Lightning Mr Bubbles1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

I know everyone is going to hate on it, but this is a Metal Gear spinofff game where Metal Gear does it's take on the Zombie genre with co op and all. I love zombie games and while this doesn't look like a Metal Gear Solid game, to me it just didn't look that bad, maybe that's just me because I love zombie games but it looked pretty interesting and I'm still waiting for games like Dead Island 2 and Left 4 Dead 3.

Bahamut1866d ago

This is a new 'multiplayer bro zombie shooter', but in order to make it stand out from the crowd, Konami tied in the MGS franchise. Pure and simple. This game is about $$$, not sticking to any sort of narrative in the overall story. Metal Gear is dead, anything that releases with the name attached will most likely just do so to rake in extra cash.
This is Konami. It's all they care about.

Fuckin pachinko machines.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1866d ago

You guys can hate all you want but I'm pretty excited for "Metal Gear Dead Island"

I think it's a pretty good idea.

Soldierone1865d ago

That's the thing. I love zombie games too and this game still looks like trash. Friggin portals? None of it made sense and all the characters without saying a single word were extremely cliche in every way.

Above that if Activision was like "hey Call of Duty Zombies is now a 30 dollar DLC" everyone would be bashing it galore. But this is Konami and any hate towards it means "oh that's just a kojima fanboy...." really? It looks like garbage.

cleft51866d ago

Well its a spin off. Would you really want them touching proper Metal Gear Solid before they proved they even understand what fans want. Too be honest, this doesnt look bad. It looks interesting, so I am willing to try it out for sure.

I just hope people give it a fair chance and not automatically hate on it because Kojima isnt making it. Lets see what these folks can do and what better place to see that then in a spin off. No matter what happens in this game, it isnt MGS proper and thats a good thing.

Kryptix1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

"Would you really want them touching proper Metal Gear Solid before they proved they even understand what fans want."

Hold on, did you just say this? You imply that they understand what the fans wanted by doing a spin off with zombies and having zero addition to the MGS world. lol Instead of using the Fox Engine to create an original zombie game, they're literally stapling the MGS name to move copies, that's all they're doing.

Nobody's hating on it because Kojima isn't making it, they're hating on it because this isn't what anyone wanted out of MGS. A proper spin off would be to create new characters and playing parts that we never seen before in the MGS story. I'll even say Metal Gear Rising was a proper spin off and Kojima barely had anything to do with it, but it didn't get anywhere half of the hate this garbage looking spin off is getting.

Wormholes, zombies, different timelines in a franchise that was about tactical espionage, war politics, stealth, etc... C'mon, that's like making a Resident Evil game where you catch biological monsters into a Pokecube and go around having battles with other catchers.

You're one of the same people that probably thought, "give these MGS pachinko machines a chance!"

agame9141865d ago

no do not touch metal gear at all because it's not konami's vision

Metallox1865d ago

They would need to make a proper Metal Gear Solid game in order to prove they understand what fans want. In fact, by making this spin-off they are making clear they don't care about the interests of the community.

I agree that we need to see how this turns out, though, but at the same time, come on, it doesn't even look like a decent L4D ripoff.

PaleMoonDeath1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

Looks better than MGO3, now before people get up in arms.. MGSV had random pointless zombies in there too, this looks like a good addition to the bare bones MP MGSV has, Kojima dropped the ball with MGSV, hell he didn't even want to make it.

I welcome this, make sure it has it's own trophies and I'll get it.

Edit: Open to arguements, if anyone tries to defend MGO3 or anything MGSV MP I'll happily chop you up :P

Raoh901866d ago ShowReplies(2)
SoulWarrior1866d ago

You are assuming everyone who is not liking this game was a huge fan of MGO3.

MGO3 was absolutely terrible yet I think this looks terrible as well, how about that?

PaleMoonDeath1866d ago

You missed a Bullet and a half I'd say, not bad right?

JackStraw1866d ago

you're the only one that's played MGSV apparently. LOL. the rest of these kids have no fucking clue what they're talking about and are simply hating out of dumb loyalty and immaturity.

BiggerBoss1865d ago

What's up your ass dude? Stop being such a wanker

1865d ago
agame9141865d ago

no this looks like a completely different game with metal gear put in the title..they cancelled PT so cancel this garbage because i sure as hell do not want it

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Viryu1866d ago

Resident Evil Umbrella Corps Retexture

sdcard4gb1866d ago

Hey, pretty much, yeah :D
Wow, you are a genius !