Updated Gears of War 4 box art advertises the four bonus Gears of War games

The updated Gears of War 4 box art has been revealed, advertising for the four bonus Gears of War games being included for a limited time.

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crazychris41241205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Anyone know if Overrun or Beast mode will make a return??

OpieWinston1204d ago

Neither mode is confirmed. For the love of god no one wants Overrun.

Beast 2.0 will probably make a return in Gears 5 since they hit a reset on the Gears creatures with 3 and 4 meant they had to make a lot which means Beast mode might need another sequel. And Horde 3.0 should be the primary focus.

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firelogic1205d ago

They're so unconfident with Gears 4 that they're giving away 4 other games on top of it? Damn man. How bad is the game going to be?

XtraTrstrL1205d ago

Dunno, but the PC version doesn't stand a chance with competitive VS mode unless it pulls a Quantum Break and goes to Steam with Win7-8 support. It'll end up being a barren wasteland for competitive modes as a Win10/Windows Store/UWP exclusive. UE on PC is in it's grave right now for multiplayer, because everyone avoids the Windows Store like the plague.

Concertoine1205d ago

Yeah the persistence of MS with the Windows store baffles me. Like might as well make more money throwing it on steam then spending millions maintaining and designing a store no one really wants.

XtraTrstrL1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Exactly! LOL @ the downvotes, expected it on n4g. Simple minded kids.

If the store was anywhere near a respectable, functional store, with decent policies and had half the restrictions, then fine - make it exclusive like other Publishers do with 1st party games on their stores. That's not the case with the Windows Store though. Not only is it a nightmare, they're pushing Win10 exclusivity along with the UWP/Windows Store exclusivity. So that just compounds the issue for online multiplayer games where you need a large playerpool for it to survive.

Gears 4 will have cross-play only for co-op modes, so just like UE on Windows Store, Gears 4's competitive multiplayer on PC will be dead within a few months. They're just killing the franchises chances on PC, along with losing out on tons of $$$$. It's idiotic really, but that's M$ for you, they rather go full force with this obvious GFWL 2.0 disaster. What can we do but watch?

pinkcrocodile751204d ago

Don't dismiss Windows 10, with over 270 million users as of March this year, I don't think thats going to be a problem.

If it's microsoft's IP and they are providing an online ecosystem with xbox live what's your problem, why should they drop it on Steam?

XtraTrstrL1204d ago


Here's a little education on the situation of the Windows Store, and why they should just drop it on Steam to save the game.

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VoodooProject1205d ago

So complaining because it's free

christocolus1204d ago

Wow..such ignorance. The Gears games are all Backward compatible and you complain because it's been given to those buying Gears 4 for free? wow. what does that even have to do with sales?Do you even own the console? or do you just go into every Xbox article to talk BS?

JCW20051205d ago

xbox is so desperate giving their games away lmao. #TEAMBESTATION

Gotcha51204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

All these perks only makes Gears 4 look temping due to all the competition from Battlefield, COD and Titanfall. What Sony got Your Grandpa Grand Turismo and How to Train Giant Dog Sim for Dummies...

christocolus1204d ago

That's one of the most naive comments I've read in a while.

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