The Water Temple Made in Unreal Engine 4

Albert Wesker of YouTube posted this marvelous video of The Water Temple made in Unreal Engine 4, one of numerous locales made with the engine.

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guywazeldatatt1209d ago

This is just stunning. I really hope they make an HD version of OoT...

TheOldSuitedMan1209d ago

Holy crap, that is beautiful. I could explore there forever, no joke.

guywazeldatatt1209d ago

it's funny because when I was 12 I couldn't wait to leave that hellhole, lol.

Idiedgoodbye1209d ago

Yes I remember I had to buy Play.. I mean GamePro that included a Zelda strategy guide.

Resoula1209d ago

Very atmospheric. I like it. Is this in-game footage? Or is it pre-rendered?

guywazeldatatt1209d ago

I actually do not know. That's an excellent question. It may be in-game, but regardless it's stunning.

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Segata1209d ago

Stop doing this. They are always so bland and lifeless. It's shit. without Nintendo's artstyle these are just bland tech demos. So sick of this and that Nintendo game in UE4.

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