Try as I might, I can't say No Man's Sky is a good game

Save that sixty bucks until the game gets content updates, friend.

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spoilerjerk1212d ago

You have to stop posting this link... the majority of things he lists as "not in the game" are in fact IN the game.

crazychris41241212d ago

Good to see some are in the game. This launch has been such a mess and there is so much confusion that I'm going to wait for the dust to settle. Like I said before I'm going to let the devs add additional content and a sale before I think about buying it. Still have some games to finish and there are at least 5 upcoming games that are higher up on my list.

1213d ago
lelo2play1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

When reviews are only allowed after game release, it's (almost) always a bad sign. It simply shows that the developers don't believe in their product.

Sean Murray is the new Peter Molyneux. Lots of unfulfilled promises.

Christopher1212d ago

I like how one game makes him the equivalent of 15 years of Molyneux. I'm not going to say you're wrong, I just think it's amusing how people lump a title around so quickly now.

ORyanDeee1213d ago

ive played for about 6 hours now and enjoyed it, but starting to slow down. Its disappointing to read that a lot of the stuff Sean said would be in the game isnt.

Graey1213d ago

I am hoping that as time goes on they add more features to the game. I can see myself playing until I fully upgrade my ship, exo suit and multitool. I have no real reason to go to the center of the galaxy. I can play this for probably another month. I'll be playing Legion slowly, Wildstar's new raid. I was going to play Final Fantasy but it has been pushed back until November. So I'll slow down on games for the remainder of the year. Anyway, after a couple more weeks I'll uninstall this and keep track of it to see what features they implement kind of like what I've done to Diablo 3.