Mighty No. 9 Was a Victim of Its Kickstarter Success

Georgi Trenev writes: "It's no secret that Keiji Inafume's Mighty No. 9 isn't exactly a great game. Reviews came along and everyone's fears proved to be right, a most bitter tasting bite being left for Mega Man fans and all those who decided to support the initial Kickstarter pitch. After a development period plagued by multiple delays, it soon became clear something went horribly wrong within Comcept."

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thestarboy1207d ago

Its NOT that bad of a game its just a little bit hard and the grapices are ok NOT next gen like

Tiqila1207d ago

this game looked mediocre from the beginning
the main reason it got funded was due to mega man nostalgia

Kyosuke_Sanada1207d ago

Inafune simply didn't deliver despite the game making way over the budget they asked for. If he was too afraid of pressure, he should have stopped accepting money after making goal but instead he not only pitched another kickstarter project during development but already in talks with another publisher so I will file this disaster on pure old fashioned greed. He half-assed so he can work on ReCore instead which is no excuse to screwing his backers so I will never support any of his products.

ZeekQuattro1207d ago

Inafune is to blame. He was more focused on Mighty No. 9 the franchise ( Anime, Movies) rather then Mighty No. 9 the game. That Red Ash crap didn't help either. The man is an idoit when it comes to business.