Final Fantasy VII: The Retro Review

Play the original 1997 release of Final Fantasy VII before playing the remake as then you’ll truly appreciate just how far gaming has gotten in the past 20 years.

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ninsigma1209d ago

Favorite game I've ever played. Absolute wonderul adventure. Great cast of characters, a gripping story, great combat and customisation, beautifully created world and a lock out soundtrack. This game really captured my imagination as a kid. I'd never played a game like it before so as far as I knew, midgar was the game but when I left the city and saw the huge plains sprawling before me, I was in awe. The game just became so huge and exciting! So many secrets to be found, it was brilliant. I cannot wait to see how the remake turns out. It looks awesome so far and Midgar really looks like an upgraded version of the original while keeping the same feel. The world of ff7 is amazing, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it playing the original.

FullmetalRoyale1208d ago

As someone who played it for the first time in 2012, I wholeheartedly agree with you on how special this game is. It left me in awe, more than once while playing it. One of my absolute favorite games.

Takwin1209d ago

I might get SLAYED for this, but it doesn't hold up that well. Give this game to any kid now and it wouldn't be anything special. It needs some major Quality Of Life changes too. Now, *I* think it is an amazing and historic game that will be remembered forever, but if it was released today, not so much.

pasta_spice1209d ago

Sadly I agree. I tried getting my 12 year old nephew to play this, but he just couldn't get past the outdated graphics, the clunky controls (I'd actually forgotten that you can't use the analogue stick for this game!), and the repetitive random battles that kept "interrupting" (his words) the game.

It's hard getting younger gamers to appreciate good retro games, because while we see our childhood and nostalgia....all they see is an old game with clunky controls, bad graphics, and repetitive grinding. It was a bit heartbreaking seeing him bored and rolling his eyes at a game I cherished so much during my own childhood :(

TheFirstClassic1209d ago

After getting past the clunky controls and blocky visuals I was able to really enjoy this game, but it really is rough around the edges these days.

firadesunna1209d ago

I have to admit, it takes me a good hour or two to get "into" some retro games before my eyes seem to adjust to the graphics (if that makes sense)

NukaCola1207d ago

Takwin you're right. The game is still amazing but did not age well at all.

arkard1209d ago

Currently playing through on my Vita when I get a chance. I'm still loving it!

firadesunna1209d ago

Currently in the process of re-playing FF7 On wards, in the hopes of experiencing as much of each of them, before FF15 and the FF7 remakes are released.
I have played them all before, but its nice to go back and remember how unique each one is, and what made each so special to me growing up!
I actually forgot how beautiful (not necessarily graphically) these games are, from their characters and music to their scenery and storylines.

DragonKnight1208d ago

" far gaming has gotten..."
"...gaming has gotten..."
"...has gotten..."

So many English teachers giving the stink eye right now.

firadesunna1208d ago

The mistake has already been fixed on the site ;)

RPG12011208d ago

The Remake can´t get here sooner than a Hojo at the beach.

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