8 New Things in Titanfall 2 Multiplayer

OX writes: " Point your face at new Titanfall 2 multiplayer gameplay and discover what's new in Titanfall 2 multiplayer, such as new Titans Scorch, Ion and Ronin, the pilots' powerful new grapple ability, a miniature black hole grenade (the gravity star) and such. "

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chris2351205d ago

what strikes me a bit odd: multiplayer titles are getting produced like nothing else. but who is actually playing these titles? i mean, yes, they get initial sales, but of the approximately 100 dudes in my friend's list virtually no one is playing mmo's longer than the usual 20-40 hours. all of them are moving on after the usual time until a game gets boring. but yet, these multiplayer titles are designed to produce a steady income. i don't know how this business model can work. maybe it works for 1-2 titles on the market, but the vast majority? after release most of these studios seem to call for bankrupcy. for example i have seen literally no one playing star wars battlefront for a long time. of course my roughly 100 dudes are not representative for anything but at least it's an indicator how popular a certain title is. as said, these multiplayer titles seem to be doing really badly. but yet, title after title gets released (all of which i am ignoring because they are just not fun).

DA_SHREDDER1204d ago

They improved alot of things, but literally ruined the game by trying to fix things that wasnt even broken. Now i gotta drop grenades over and over in titans till they explode? Man i could complain about alot of new things i seen but damnit i loved titanfall 😭