Rise of Iron : Post-Stream Rundown

All the highlights with detail about the new Rise of Iron expansion for Destiny.

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1211d ago
FamilyGuy1211d ago

The Rise of Iron comes with a patch that gives ALL PS4 and Xbox 1 Destiny players the ability to finally create custom/private crucible matches. You don't need to buy Rise of Iron for it, it's free patch.
Game mode
player count
death count/points to victory
vehicles on or off
Light levels on or off
time of day for the maps

Every map in the game will now be accessible any time
You could even go in solo and practice, you could finally 1v1
Fans of the pvp have been waiting on this since the game released.

maybelovehate1211d ago

Been playing these past two weeks to prepare. Forgot just how awesome this game is. I am ready!