More Thoughts From Me #30: Nintendo Fan Projects Should Die

"Nintendo has been taking a lot of heat lately. First, they took a fan remake of the second Metroid off-line. Then, they got rid of the Nintendo Power online archive, and just recently they ordered a Pokemon fan game to be taken down. Fans seem to be very upset with Nintendo. Most Nintendo fan sites are siding with the fans and saying that Nintendo should stop taking these projects down. I’m going to take a controversial stand and say that Nintendo should keep doing it! Let me tell you why."

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ZeekQuattro1214d ago

Nintendo is one of those companies people love to hate but if people can get Nintendo games for free even if its just a hack of an existing game they want it and will piss and moan if Nintendo strikes it down. If you read or hear most of the excuses given its usually about the game being old so Nintendo doesn't profit from it or they want Nintendo games but don't want to pay for Nintendo platforms. They'll preorder expensive VR goggles and pay premium for the latest smart device or some other tech but can't bring it to themselves to purchase Nintendo. The people screaming the loudest aren't fans.

addictedtochaos1214d ago

For all the people that complain about Nintendo shutting these down, if someone had made a fan remake of let's say Jak and Daxter or Fable 2, you can guarantee that Sony and Microsoft would have shut them down.