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"No Man’s Sky has sci-fi spectacle of strange new worlds on its side, but not much else. Its gameplay is underdeveloped and repetitive, and in my dozens of hours played it’s introduced very few new ideas..."

IGN reviews No Man's Sky

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TheHorseTamer1207d ago

Glad I waited for reviews before jumping the gun. The repetitiveness and constant grinding is what kills it for me from many of the reviews I have seen. Hopefully the developers continue patching it and make it better with more variety in the future.

Septic1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

Well I haven't yet played it but what's really disappointing is that the game is no where near as ambitious we were led by Murray for it to be.

Well Hello Games have made their money. The delayed reviews, the lack of disclosure regarding the mp and really, the apparently hollow nature of it leave a sore taste.

This was a must buy for me. I was gonna buy it day one but luckily, have been pretty busy so didn't fork out crazy money for it.

So disappointing. Maybe this can be updated in the future and develop like Minecraft did?

I did like Elite Dangerous so maybe i will enjoy this more than most. But I would have loved to have some interaction with other players.

KilKarazy1207d ago

The problem with being super vague about what you actually do like Destiny, is that when it comes out, people have developed grand ideas in their head about what the game will be. When it isn't what they imagined, it isn't well received.

Lsbb1207d ago

£40 is not crazy money lol

agame9141207d ago Show
Timesplitter141207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

"Well I haven't yet played it but what's really disappointing is that the game is no where near as ambitious we were led by Murray for it to be. "

I completely disagree. He didn't mislead us with anything. It's just that people started imagining all kinds of things in their heads about this game.

For things like the multiplayer, Murray had already explicitly said that it would only be for things like the stuff people name, but it wouldn't be true multiplayer. People just straight up chose to ignore this because they were too excited and/or because they were blindly-hyped PS4 fanboys for the most part, and that's their own fault.

Barricade1207d ago

What is not so ambitious about it that you were led to believe by Sean Murray? I think he was pretty straight forward about what it is and isn't.

I was disappointed by hearing it doesn't have multiplayer (yet?), but it's just a fun thing to explore new planets for a couple of hours. Time files when playing this game. I'd probably give it somewhere ranking from 8-9/10 for enjoyment value, but I get some people won't like it at all. I'm just glad I do, because this game was somewhat of a gamble, I didn't know how I'd like it.


I'm gonna have to dis-agree with you on this one. First of all, it helps if you play the game to get actually know if you like the game or not. 50 hours in and while in the review he does point out some flaws I agree with, I have to question some of his issues as well.

As far as multiplayer and the media go. What the media portray as a headline and something to diminish the game over doesn't fit into what I consider siting down and enjoying the game. Good talking points for clicks but when you are actually enjoying the game all that disappears and you realize none of it matters. "What Sean said was "Their is a chance you could meet someone".. That said, playing this game for as long as I have so far.. It becomes apparent really early in this is not a single player game.

I'm not sure how this would be disappointing to you since you haven't played it. You really have no steak in the matter.

Also, They stated many times this is not a traditional multiplayer game in the sense you can just meet up with a friend and go. If you are pressing your own tastes on a game that states it's mostly a single player adventure with a slight chance of meeting up providing you are on the right servers and instances and universe it's really your own fault for being disappointed after the fact.

fei-hung1207d ago

I played Destiny which felt like more of a going than this did. For me the game becomes more fun as you play it. In the beginning there is a bit more of a grind as you can't hold much, your weapons and tools are weak etc. As you start upgrading the game gets easier and more fun.

I'm glad they don't have mp yet as it will allow me to enjoy the core mode, modify my ship, weapon and tools and then be ready when they start opening the game up to base building and mp.

SpringHeeledJack1207d ago


Murray clearly said you could meet other players and trade. A straight up lie. People need to stop defending this trash game that was originally a cheap psn store only game, and where it should of stayed

-Alpha1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )


Come on dude. Either you werent around for all the build up, or you are forgetting the facts.

Sean and company constantly lied about features. There is enough evidence on this. We were given a much different game than what was carefully described and shown

It's NOT the fault of the media or fans for buying into the grand hype. That fault lies squarely on the team for disastrous PR in which they lied, or led people on. Fans were hyped because the team hyped us up and made promises that were absolutely gutted in the end.

Go actually read and watch that. You have got to be kidding me about the multiplayer. He stated on multiple occasions that you could meet players. And then when people actually coordinated a meet up, it didn't exist. That's flat out lying and inexcusable.

"He didnt mislead on anything" is an absolute lie, and I can't believe some people are going to actually turn an eye and forcefully pretend it's true.

IamTylerDurden11207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

Are u really using "mp" as a point to bash a game u haven't played? NMS is a sp game, idk if u followed the immense amount of coverage this game got, or if u watched the numerous demos, but the whole point is to be a solo journey with you against the universe. Your mp argument is tired and overblown to the point of tedium, imo. To repeatedly bellow over something that will affect virtually nobody makes it appear as though u have an agenda.

U haven't played it yet u KNOW the game is a disappointment and not as ambitious as Hello Games originally claimed? Every thinking man should've realized that such a divisive and experimental game would have a myriad of reviews ranging from good to bad. This game was never going to be loved by all, and if u are solely judging it off of its 71 Metacritic (actually not a terrible score) then u are going about things the wrong way.

The game is exactly as Sean advertised (please don't counter with "mp"). It's nothing like Elite Dangerous, and Sean/Hello Games clearly stated many times that the game will continuously receive impactful updates and that they have so many ideas to implement into the game. They said the game is a huge canvas that they will continue to fill, and all for FREE. Base building, temporal AA, new rendering tech, owning huge freighters, new creatures/aliens ect all expected in the next update.

Delayed reviews? There was a game changing day 1 patch, hence they didn't want the game judged off a beta version. Yet, some reviews still came out and all that early gameplay u watched from ppl with early copies was tainted and not representative of the final product. Reviews were available day 1, the day it releasesd.

Forking out crazy money? It's a full priced retail game with the content and gameplay length to back it. Games like Titanfall and Overwatch release with very little content and are still crazy amounts of money ($59.99). Evolve came out with little content, outrageous day 1 DLC, and then turned free to play yet i never heard u criticise it's value. How is NMS not worth $59.99? Is it bc of the stigma u hold onto about it being an "indie"? Is it bc of a few bad, hand picked reviews?

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generic-user-name1207d ago

I followed nms since 2013, I was excited then, I got it and am currently happy with it because it delivered what it said. I wasn't stupid enough to make up expectations for myself.

Updates are only gonna make it better and better.

1207d ago
gamer78041207d ago

It's a shame. But the game does have potential. Perhaps in dlc updates or in a sequel

Filmicfps1206d ago Show
Perjoss1206d ago

How is it disappointing if you haven't played it for yourself? I decided to ignore all the reviews and make up my own mind about this game and I'm so glad I did, its quite an experience. Kind of feel sorry for people who always need others opinions to help make up their mind for them. Reviews are a good starting point but don't be a sheep sir.

t-hall7851206d ago

Meh...I'll save my space exploration fantasies for Mass Effect. Those planets will be well thought out. Not some randomly generated crap.

Christopher1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

I'm still amazed at how people feel mislead about this game. I knew from two years ago what it was and it's why I didn't buy it. Did people just watch and read things with blinders on or something? It truly confuses me and makes me wonder about a ton of people who are here almost daily and obviously read a ton of gaming news.

As to the score, it seems appropriate. It's about what I would rate, if not lower, similar games myself. They are all boring, repetitive, and just not all that fun, IMHO.

SpaceRanger1206d ago

"Well I haven't yet played it..."

That was enough for me to know when to stop reading. Play it first (buy, rent, borrow, etc.) and then make a sound decision. If you're going in with a bias or unrealistic expectations to playing it (which clearly there is based on your articles) then don't even bother.

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kickerz1207d ago
Haha so funny that video.
Its not terrible game. I'm about 3 hours in. Just wish had bigger inventory and a tutorial. Had no idea what I was doing for ages

kraenk121207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

The inventory gets bigger as you progress.

Edit: how TF can anyone disagree with that?!


This game doesn't hold your hand. The point is to find slots to get a bigger inventory. The struggle is meant to be their so when you do achieve something it feels like you earned it.

kickerz1207d ago

Yeah I guess your right. Just trying to navigate to different planets on the map confused the hell outa me. The game is a very different experience. I will give them points for trying something different. 7/10 from me

gangsta_red1207d ago

There's a difference between not holding someone's hand and terrible UI design. NMS has terrible UI design that makes the game a struggle.

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pcz1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

im an extremely harsh critic, i dont allow games that score below 80 percent (or 8/10) to enter my collection

in my book, anything below 8 is shovelware.

no mans sky is rubbish

Nathan_Hale531207d ago

Some gems are rated poorly by critics, yet raved by players. I wouldn't do that with every game. NMS though is rubbish though.

1207d ago
Rebel_Scum1207d ago

Wow, review scores mean that much to you?

IamTylerDurden11207d ago


NMS is a 71 on Metacritic, FAR better than Ryse. IGN Spain rated it a 9/10, do u understand the concept of different review scores? Nice avatar...

hiredhelp1207d ago

Out of curiosity what would you rate rocket league..

BrettAwesome1207d ago

So, what you're saying is that you're so incapable of making at decision yourself that you rely 100% on others to do it for you?

TheSaint1206d ago

Do you still get your mother to tell you what to eat as well?

HaveAsandwich1206d ago

i wouldnt put so much weight on what others say about games.

NotoriousWhiz1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Reviews are definitely important. Few people have the money to try (read: buy) every game that might look interesting. That said, the numeric score shouldn't be the deciding factor. Instead, it should be how the reviewers describe the game and maybe some gameplay videos to determine whether or not it is a game that you think you can enjoy.

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Tacobell3231207d ago

this is way less than QB for sure.

lelo2play1207d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Reviews are confirming what I thought when I saw gameplay videos from No Man’s Sky. Game looked nice with a big space to explore, but repetitive, lot of grinding and practically inexistent single player story.
Big, empty, shallow.

60€ just seemed way too much money for this game.

LordMaim1206d ago

It's always amazing to me that the 6/10 review makes the hottest articles while the 8.5 or 9 reviews pass by with few comments. People like to dogpile on to poor reviews to highlight the flaws, I suppose.

Xb1ps41206d ago

I think the big problem was that it's an indie game but was talked about and marketed as a AAA game, he'll they even priced it at full price...

joab7771206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Well. Don't rely on reviews. They have become less and less reliable. This is not to say that this game is for you. Maybe rent and then buy, but this is what I would suggest to anyone anyway, unless you are certain.

I knew I would love NMS. I followed it closely and didn't expect much more than an exploration Sim in an expansive beautiful universe. Because of that, instead of being disappointed, its actually my favorite game of 2016. But, for my friends that expected Mass Effect or skyrim in space, they were disappointed. I tried telling them beforehand that it was built by 10 people.

To each there own, but reviews are archaic today and too many people will jump all over whatever the hot trend is, even if it isn't for them. I like certain types of games, and while I can respect a quality game, nothing will make me love certain games. I love NMS, but it is NOT for everyone. Some people prefer their repetition in another form.

UnHoly_One1206d ago

That review doesn't read like a 6.

I mean he has almost nothing positive to say about the game.

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gangsta_red1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

Agree with this review 100%.

"Think about that: if you’re set upon by space pirates who detect your valuable cargo and destroy you, they don’t bother to take any of it and simply leave, allowing you to retrieve 100% of it. In other words, the stakes are incredibly low, which makes for a meaningless survival experience."

I have to laugh because I thought the same thing when I came across pirates and died. They never took my stuff, they just shot me down for no reason. They were just basically being a**holes. Not much of a survival game if there's no real penalty for not surviving.

"Even so, the story path I took (there are three available) has failed to ignite any interest in me"

This is the biggest problem with NMS. It's too cryptic and open to the point where I lost interest in what is happening.

frostypants1207d ago

Eh...I don't buy the "story path" thing. This game was clearly not designed with plot in mind, and the story that is there is clearly tacked on just to appease a particular segment of people.

That said they could add more variety, and more consequence for death. Both could be addressed in patches. They've no doubt certainly sold enough copies to fund some serious update efforts.

1207d ago
GottaBjimmyb1206d ago

I hate that you have to go out and forage for things in order to stay alive. They said before launch there would be the ability to simply explore, which isn't true. If they add an "explorer" mode where the survival aspects are removed I would be extremely happy.

EddieNX 1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

Same with Elite dangerous. Perhaps the most mind blowing game i've played for the first few hours and then I realized how much of the entire Milky way do I actually want to explore?
I knew NMS was going to be similar...

Rather have a game set on one or a few well made planets than an endless amount of generic ones.

frostypants1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

The advantage of NMS is that you can actually do stuff on the planets. There is randomly generated content to see, different atmospheres, etc. Elite Dangerous only lets you land on moons, and only dead ones at that. No life, no plants, no nothing. It's procedurally generated, but for some reason they didn't bother to procedurally generate anything interesting. Elite is very pretty though, and flying the ships is fun if you like hardcore sims.

EDIT: Apparently, I'm lying. Did they fix Elite overnight or something? Because last I checked all of that was still true.

Vegamyster1207d ago


Doesn't really matter when you're doing the same activities regardless of what the planet looks like, you're still going to be mining the same rocks, going to the same looking outposts, fighting the same flying drones when you mine too much and scanning random looking animals for no other reason to see a weird name and gain a few credits, it's all simple busy work. Elite Dangerous is a simulator based on the milky way, where as No mans sky survival game based on random pallet swaps, all he said was it was a similar feeling when comparing the games in the long run.

IamTylerDurden11207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

U miss the entire point of NMS, it's not a scripted, linear game.

Elite is entirely irrelevant, u can't even get out of ur ship and explore on foot. Last i checked.

andibandit1206d ago

"u can't even get out of ur ship and explore on foot. Last i checked. "

You need to get your check in check.

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IamTylerDurden11207d ago ShowReplies(2)
x_BlackRose1206d ago

Seems like you're grasping straws, as there are plenty other things in the game that overshadow such a minor "issue".

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Urapic1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

The average of the majority of the notes is between 6 and 7. many notes above and below we can disregard.

  The game is good but has its faults. The big problem was the excessive hype, created by a group for the alleged exclusivity .If was not that, I think that would be best left.

kraenk121207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

If the majority is between 6 and 7 how come the Metacritic average is 72 atm?! Oh well.. Don't think stuff published on N4G is somewhat representative.

Urapic1207d ago

0.2 does not change much. If you leave another note may decrease. but most are between 6 and 7 will not change much beyond that.


Very true. Typically a 7.2 you would also think 8 or a 6 depending on who is playing. For me it's around an 8.5. 50 hours in.. I'm loving it. N4G is a fun place. But people will down vote games if it isn't on their platform alone regardless if it's uncharted or NMS. I typically buy games and try them. Many times have I found that my tastes vs reviews don't match up and I am glad I did. The only time I was ever burned was with WatchDogs.

1207d ago
DrakeFan11207d ago

Damn! ): well it is just one reviewer's opinion. At the end of the day, this game isn't for everyone and many people are enjoying it. That is what matters.

gangsta_red1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

Funny coming from you Drakefan since you were the one who said the only reviews that matter were IGN and a few more you rattled off a few weeks ago.

But yea as usual, at the end of the day this game isn't for everyone and many people are enjoying it.

I swear that slogan should actually be put on the box.

kevinsheeks1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

Lmao that's how the game should come packaged on the front with the title

No Man's Sky: This game isn't for everybody edition

No Man's Sky: the chances of 2 people meeting are slim edition

No Man's Sky: I might or might not charge for dlc edition

Z5011207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

You mean the same slogan people were saying BEFORE the game came out.
The same slogan used for That Game Company games.
David Cage games.
Telltale games.

CrimzonRazor1207d ago

Great game if you go into it wanting to explore but if your looking for the next mass effect this is not your game.

YinYangGaming1207d ago

"well it is just one reviewer's opinion"


Weren't you that guy that told everyone to wait for IGN review once the first few bad scores started coming in?

kraenk121207d ago ShowReplies(7)
Kiwi661207d ago

But 3 days ago you said "just ignore polygon and wait for the real reviews from IGN , Gamespot and GameInformer" so does that now mean that this isn't a "real review" because of the score

JasonKCK1207d ago

Damn Drake do you even remember what you post?

ClickbaitAF1206d ago Show
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