Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg discusses future of Xbox at Gamescom

Today at gamescom, Aaron Greenberg, Xbox Head of Marketing, kicked off our presence at the show by looking back at what a memorable year it’s been thus far for Xbox – as well as giving everyone a glimpse into of some of the exciting things to come.

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1210d ago
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freshslicepizza1210d ago

i would not be saddened at all if they got rid of this guy and major nelson. i think phil needs to keep the team fresh.

NewMonday1210d ago

agree, those 2 and Kudo Tsunoda are the leftovers from the old regime and keep the brand from moving on, they still feed the worst Xbox trolls and hold back Spencer

freshslicepizza1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

yes especially aaron can be a troll but speaking of trolls, newmonday you have proven time and again to be nothing but disruptive on this site with no real ambition other than to oversell sony products at the expense of downplaying xbox products. i tried to be rational with you before about cross play and you kept sidetracking and then posted this at the end,

"means you lost the discussion but don't have the grace to admit it.

even though i was the one who was on topic and provided the proof to back uyp what i said which you didn't want to read or bother with. all you did was dance around the subject, which means you are either just a parody of a sony fan or just a joke account. so stop wasting peoples time.

candystop1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Oh please Newmonday! Both companies have there troll feeders. I made the exact same suggestion about bringing in new people back at e3 but truth be told, who am I to make such a judgement call. What they need to do (or what i would loke to see) is hire back some of the original Xbox family and those that made games like Halo part one (Marty) back into the party.

GameNameFame1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Greenburg have hyped and said many irresponsible things including many secret fake sauces.


you are they guy who kept on believing in secret sauce that never materialized. People have reasoned with you on why it wasn't secret sauce. You were the epitome of irrational xbox fanboy who never believed in facts, but only in secret saucesI

You want to talk about "owning"?? How about you jumping on cloud hype train? I thought it would upgrade hardware via cloud? Then why is there Xbox Scorpio if cloud is magical upgrade you claim? How about the fact that you claimed Titanfall will never happen on PS4 because of cloud power of MS? Except Titanfall 2 with "cloud" AI bots are coming to PS4?

That is some serious serious ownage man.

NewMonday1210d ago

tell me how you really feel

343_Guilty_Spark1210d ago

What's your issue with Larry?

freshslicepizza1210d ago

i used to like larry years ago, i thought it was brilliant for microsoft to have him there for xbox live and be someone that was always there for the community and brining news and such to what was happening. but ever since the xbox one reveal and him acting like an ass about the whole drm thing i lost respect for the guy. in interviews after that he comes out with a smug attitude and i just can't relate to him anymore, he now comes across as some suit and pr guy than a gamer.

DeeBeers1210d ago

You dont like Major Nelson? aw come on. He means well and is just a kook. I think that the community generally likes how involved he is. His borderline-manic behavior is easy on the soul,

As for Greenberg... just seems like a loud blustering jerk to me.

Christopher1210d ago

I would love to see both replaced. Both are horrible PR for the company and one of the few reasons I hate most news posted to N4G. Aaron would be my #1 person to get cut or at least forced to never talk about XBO stuff ever again, though. The guy just oozes slime whenever he talks, IMHO. MajorNelson is just not a likeable person, IMHO, and they could be much better represented by someone else.

pinkcrocodile751210d ago

Kind of agree about Greenberg, bit of an @rseh0le but I like Major Nelson.

For MS I'd ditch Greenburg and for Sony I'd disincentivise Shawn Layden, he comes off as a sociopath. A total serial killer. Did you see him at E3 talking about the Orlando Shooting, watch his face, he could have been reading a shopping list, zero empathy.

I'd get rid of

TheCommentator1210d ago

I've talked with Nelson on several occasions during past Gamestop conferences, and he's a great guy overall.

pinkcrocodile751210d ago

Yes, I do like him, he seems very accessible.

Still think Shawn Layden is a killer of some sorts.

Hk85karlsson1209d ago

You mean the part he got lots of praise for? Sony didn't have to adress the shooting you know.
Sony's bosses compared to MS, night and day.

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Platformgamer1209d ago

Xbox future? there's no future. i hope microsoft stop to make console and do only software, multiplatform or PC only idc, is better for them and for the gaming industry.