Driveclub – Getting Back Into the Driver’s Seat

I fell in love with Driveclub almost immediately upon playing it at PAX Prime way back in 2013. The track that I demoed was fun to navigate and had plenty of atmosphere surrounding it with the beautiful colors and mountainous scenery from the Canadian-based location. Fast forward three years later…

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SniperControl1214d ago

One of the best driving games this gen, sure it had it's launch problems, but Sony and the now sadly defunct Evolution Studios sorted themselves out and produced a true cracker of a game, if it had been reviewed now, it would sitting in the low to mid 90's on Meta.

1214d ago
InTheZoneAC1214d ago

if you like racing games and you don't have this game I'm not even sure why you're missing out. This game can be had for less than $15, was under $10 at one point on the psn and is a very fun game. Looks great, sounds great, lots of fun. I haven't played since the bike expansion but the overall sense of speed in the cars is like nothing I've played before.

Speak_da_Truth1214d ago

It is my favorite racer this gen. I've played it to death. I've gotten the platinum trophy in both the regular game and Driveclub bikes. I've also 100% all the dlc tour events. I think beside Destiny, Mkx, Bloodborne, UC4 online, Driveclub is my most played game on PS4. Some great shots there author. Here are some of my shots I took if you're interested

VoodooProject1214d ago

The company went out of business because us PS4 gamers simply didn't support/buy the game. All we did was just talked about it and just played through free version and compared it with other driving games.

brando0081214d ago

Incredible racer that more than redeemed itself after a shaky launch. Evolution outdid themselves, and everyone should pick it up