Gamersyde: Forza Horizon 3 direct feed videos from Gamescom

Gamersyde: "Gamescom will officially open for the press tomorrow but Microsoft invited us on their booth for a few hours today. Miguel brought you back some footage, starting with some direct feed videos of the Xbox One version of Forza Horizon 3. Note that we recorded everything with our own equipment to make sure the quality was the best. Too bad the demo was identical to the one showed at E3."

High quality 1080p 60 FPS direct feed videos straight from Gamescom.

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crazychris41241725d ago

Looks really good, cant wait to play with friends.

KiwiViper851725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

I don't even want to play it with friends, I want it all for myself. I'm selfish like that

I have Ultimate Edition preordered, Wife and Daughter away that weekend, and booked Monday and Tuesday off work. Forza Horizon is my crack.

t-hall7851725d ago

100.00 edition pre ordered. Anything FH gets my full support.

mark_parch1725d ago

this looks so damn good. I honestly believe it has the potential to be the best racer ever made and I have played most

Wotbot1725d ago

Game looks incredible

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sampson31211724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )

Driveclub is still the best looking racer. funny how even games that are coming out almost three yrs later don't look as good. Evolution devs created a masterpiece.

Christopher1724d ago

On console, perhaps. It is very pretty, but I just couldn't get over the annoying rubber-banding design of it.

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