Apple iPhone the sexiest mobile ever

Surely the iPod games will get better now that Apple has revealed this beautiful touch-screen phone, with a 3.5" widescreen that rivals the PSP?

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Gears5233d ago

And I want buttons, screw touchscreen, to much maintenance to keep the screen clean.

jedicurt5233d ago

it isn't a gaming device and it cost too much because they said it is running OS X. so it has so many possibilities for business professionals. my office is already planning on ordering 4 of them for us

Gears5233d ago

I have one it is awesome.

bung tickler5233d ago (Edited 5233d ago )

they already have phone running windows which is way more capable than os x so yeah... it looks pretty but only for about 10 mins till it get scratched to hell, just like thier ipod videos and nano's why do you think they changed the nano to a aluminum finish now...i've owned both and i quickly sold them (video 60gb, nano 4gb) overpriced status symbols are all they are, there are far better things out thier for far cheaper.

jedicurt5233d ago

and having a windows phone works if you are not having to deal with items involving Linux Servers.

with the phone running mac OS X then it is still on the bds unix kernal, and so therefore, i might have a legit ssh client available for it. something that blackberry has not been able to offer. yes there are ssh clients for blackberrys and treos but the are not very secure and usually not extremely easy to use with all linux operations.

I am talking about loving this phone for my job. not for personal use

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The story is too old to be commented.