No Man’s Sky PC vs. PS4: Which Should You Buy?

Should you grab Hello Games' latest on PC or PS4?

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2pacalypsenow1212d ago

Do you like playing on PC or PS4, that's the answer.

1212d ago
darthv721212d ago

In articles about games on PC and XB1, there is a bevy of people saying they would play on PC because of better performance (potentially). So in this case it should likely be the same.

Filmicfps1212d ago

pc version has bugs so ps4 for now?

Ashlen1212d ago

The issue was already fixed via a patch.

Aenea1212d ago

PS4 version has bugs too, tho not as many as the initial Windows release...

gangsta_red1212d ago ShowReplies(3)
_LarZen_1212d ago

If you have a ok gaming PC then you of course buy it for that. Sure there are bugs now but give it a little time and it will be fixed.

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The story is too old to be commented.