Xbox One S is the First Sign of Microsoft Regaining [Some Ground in] the Console Market

Microsoft has learned its lesson, and now with the Xbox One S available, they are in position to take back a considerable share of the console market.


Admin: title updated because people can't be bothered to read the article.

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Null19801768d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Are you talking about worldwide? US: maybe. Worldwide: not even close.

Even in the US I don't think they will take it, only improve the gap some.

Filmicfps1768d ago

yes US only. Worldwide is impossible.

Lord_Kratos1768d ago Show
Fatal-Aim1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

LoL @ article

Yeah right. They never had it to begin with. You are also talking ONE REGION (their own) which they manage to outsell the PS4 in one month after almost a whole year streak in Sony's favor. LoL! Get the heck outta here. Not ONCE have the Xbox One manage to win ONE MONTH on the global sales chart since the console launched.

Above all, why wouldn't it sell? Its practically being given away. What happens when the PS4 price gets cut or a big exclusive hits again?

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Agreed. Sony controls 70% of the European market, nearly in total control of Asia, and the North America is the only region where the Xbox brand actually competes with PlayStation. That's just the way it is at the moment.

morganfell1768d ago

It was one month. Look at Amazon. The PS4 is already back in the lead.

Kingthrash3601768d ago

This isn't a news article.'s an opinion peice.
And it's ish. need games to back stuff up...
Lord...what? They have the same games??? Are you talking about xbox and pc or ps4 and xbox?
Understand that the ps4 has DOUBLE the Xbox game.....I own both and know this as pure fact....there hasn't been any thing new to play since qb in march....that's entirely new ips were announced at e3...there isn't much to look forward to on xbox except gears and recore this year....that's only 3 major games that can only be played on xbox and pc...people have long beaten halo and qb...people have long beaten the old 360 games that's been coming way more frequently than actual xbo games.
Xbox won a month....and I bet alot of thos sales were too good to pass up...they may win this month too because the new xbox s will get rebuys from launch gamers and such and people are anticipating the neo.
The Xbox has lost this gen and won't regain much. The 360 had a ghost market due to people re-buying it becuse of the rrod. The xbo doesn't have this luxury and it shows in its sales. I bought 3 xbox 360's I know guys who bought more than that...these fanboy articles are just funny as hell.
Never once have I seen an article asking where are the xbo games....not one....these are the questions that need answering.

Eonjay1768d ago

So as everyone pointed out, worldwide its not possible. And this includes actual production issues that are probably insurmountable.

The PS4 is about 1.7 million in front of the Xbox One in the US. So while the Xbox One S should win in the US in August, it has to basically win every month for a year. The S Model is currently behind the PS4 on Amazon and Best Buy. This type of performance isn't good enough for Microsoft to regain the market lead in the US. Winning the NPD by 20k wont cut it. At that rate it would take 7 years to catch the PS4.

So realistically the only real opportunity Microsoft will have will be during the holidays.

GrubsterBeater1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )


You have it mixed up. Lol

Usually XBOX owners are the ones who mostly play COD, FIFA, Battlefield, pew-pew dude-bro shooters, etc.

There's a reason there is so much more variety on PS4 as opposed to XBOX. Variety doesn't sell well on XBOX. That's the way it has always been, and PS has always had variety, JRPGS, etc and they always sell more on PS4.

Sure, there are some casuals sheep on PS4, but they tend to lean more towards XBox.

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darthv721768d ago

lol at this 'article'. Its good that the XB1S sold so well but I wouldnt go that far as to say "regaining the console market". It's going to take an hell of allot more to regain anything, especially consumer interest.

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morganfell1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

"The article specifically mentions success for the S in Europe, which has been a stronghold for Sony up to now. They say it is in surprisingly high demand there. "

Using Amazon as a litmus test, here are the bestsellers in the UK and EU:





4Sh0w1768d ago

I just care about them conitinuing making games I want to this point sales are healthy enough to keep that going, the unit sales battle is just fanboy stuff.

Fatal-Aim1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Here is some simple math to those who think the Xbox One winning ONE MONTH on their soil is some how a victory against the PS4'S gap:

North America - PS4= 8 consoles vs XB1= 9 consoles
Japan - PS4= 6 consoles vs XB1= 1 console
Europe - PS4= 8 consoles vs XB1= 5

If you add all parties up, that places the PS4 at 22 consoles a month globally vs XB1 at 15 consoles globally in that same month.

So, if the gap was 100 consoles in Sony's favor, PS4 at 250 vs XB1 at 150 consoles (2 to 1) year to date, and you added the previous sales to these numbers, THE GAP IS STILL GROWING in Sony's favor. The only difference is because Microsoft finally won a month on their own soil, the PS4 won the month on a global scale by a little less than what it would have had Microsoft not sold a little more than they did in North America that month. So you see, the XB1 winning one month on their own soil is NOT going to shrink the gap nor is it going to cease it from growing unless it sales double what the PS4 is doing on a GLOBAL SCALE every single month. This feat here is negligible and futile to the PS4'S dominance.

GamingIVfun1768d ago


Every single game you mentioned has sold better on PS4 than on Xbox One, even in the US. I agree with rest of what you are saying though.

badz1491767d ago


LOL regaining what now?

Seriously, this gen is already done and dusted as far as console war is concerned. It's no longer a race as the PS4 is already the clear winner. Just stop it with the Xbone "regaining" anything. There's nothing else left to gain, maybe the NA territory but at almost 2mil behind, I'd say good luck.

Nice to see their determination though but the only place left is 2nd place and at over 20mil gap between the 2, it's an emphatic annihilation because this gen is not even 3 years old yet!

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PhilSpincer1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Well this article could not be more wrong.

Look at Amazon best sellers. The xbox one s has already dropped below the PS4 COD Bundle. That bundle is nearly 1 year old. They have had a spike in sales. But nothing more. There is no trend here

I have no doubt Xbox s will take NPD August. But it's like I predicted. The only people buying Xbox one s are already xbox one owners.

Once Sony unleashes Neo. Possibly a PS4 slim and the next COD bundle. It will be an absolute white wash.

The xbox one s is a new hardware release. Yet it has already fallen behind PS4 in Amazon best sellers. Thats hardly great. When sony releases new hardware I'm willing to bet they will sell 100's of thousands.

dirkdady1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Yep I've been watching it for a few days and it dropped below ps4. Looks like demands been met already.

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PhilSpincer1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )


I mocked what was said on Amazon? What are you even talking about. I think you picked the right username

Amazon best sellers has been a pretty accurate look at the trends since this generation began

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LastCenturyRob1768d ago

I don't know one person who owns an X1 that is purchasing the X1s.. The "only people buying an X1s are X1 owners"?? Very doubtful. Where did you get this information from? X1s is selling well and will continue to do so, mainly because of the 4k drive in it. Pretty much the cheapest on the market right now and it is an Xbox as well. This will bring in tons of new owners come Christmas. You can be bitter about that all you want although that just seems like a silly waste of time to me....whatever.

morganfell1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

"This thread shows that Sony fanboys are more concerned with Xbox sales than articles about their own upcoming console."

You couldn't be more wrong. Did you read the article? Does it mention the PS4? Yes it does. The article brought Sony into this issue. We are merely responding. Then again, you do not particularly like the cold hard facts of the rapidly dropping X1s sales being pointed out by certain persons. Besides we are not "concerned" with the sales of an upcoming console that we know will be an absolute monster in the market place. PSVR has sold out and so will Neo.

extermin8or1766d ago

I imagine alot of the sales came from trade in deals places like GAME always run (intend todo the same for the neo, offload my crazy-loud-fan-dust-filled-ps4 ). The fact ps4 is ahead on amazon UK a month before the announcement of a better model which quite alot of people will have heard by now... I mean even the BBC had a report in their site about it on two Seperate occasions (when it was rumoured ans when Sony confirmed it existed in June)

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N81768d ago

Not even US come one now let's be honest here. They have a couple of months here and there but they don't have a chance to regain the market until they release Scorpio.

extermin8or1766d ago

It's very easy to "regain the market" when you launch a next gen console early and are the only one in that market lol

IamTylerDurden11768d ago

Ppl don't realize that even IF xbox wins a random month in NPD it still lost in worldwide sales. This gen is solidified, the gap and the sheer number of exclusives is impossible for microsoft to overcome. The xboneS has seemed to fizzle out as well, the old CoD PS4 bundle is selling better atm.

Null19801767d ago

Yea, as I said to you before, the XB1 is pretty dead here in Portugal. It's barely selling and I won't be surprised if they drastically reduce their stock in the near future. I know Portugal is so tiny in the grand scheme of things, but there are many other countries like this worldwide.

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GamingIVfun1768d ago

Not going to happen with Xbox One S, maybe Xbox Scorpio, maybe.

Kingthrash3601768d ago

Not gunna happen with the Scorpio either....touting TFLOPS around ain't gunna flip anything, especially if you don't have the games to back said it will sell at a "premium price"....looking at how xbox one at 1tf sold for 499 at launch a premium price at 6tf would cost what 599? 499 again? 499 is still too much to go main stream.

extermin8or1766d ago

Based on the rumoured specs in the Scorpio we are looking at 600-800 easily I would expect. And if games have to run on xbox one aswell... Then that power is going to be limited by the lower spec machine, it will already only do better graphics as multiplatform devs will have ps4 models

iTechHeads1768d ago

The answer is "no" everywhere, even in the US.
The PS4s lead even in the US is substantial with a $100 price difference the XB1 barely outsold the PS4 by 10k units in July. That's not good. That's pathetic.

Just think how dominant the PS4 would be if Sony actually was competitive with their pricing. Just think of how dominant it will be once they relate the NEO and/or rumored Slim model.

The Xbox One S will provide a boost to XB1 sales. That's a given. But to think that it will turn its position in the market around completely is just ridiculous click-bait drivel.

butchertroll1768d ago

Whoever wrote this article, he has a strange dreams

YAO-BLING1768d ago Show
TwoForce1768d ago

Agree. Xbox One strong place is US and UK.

Hk85karlsson1767d ago

Not this generation. MS have what, 4-5 months since Nov-2013? In one region.
They won this month by roughly 10K units. 10.000 units is nothing, nada, nill.

Sony's box skyrocketed from the get-go, and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. Neo will propel (spelling?) that even further and I guess their own estimate of +20M 2015-2016 seems rather possible since they've moved nearly 50M soon.

airforcex1768d ago

MS has never needed the world market. They need a strong showing in the US and the stock market. Anyone that thinks it's just about sales #s is wrong.

GrubsterBeater1767d ago

Well they need something to be successful. How can you say sales don't matter when they are what increases your user base and potential software customers?

What you're saying makes no sense. They need a strong showing in the US, but it doesn't matter if they sell consoles? What are you talking about?

Nobody is saying it's JUST about sales, but you are delusional if you believe that sales aren't going to be the leading factor in success. Especially when MS is so far behind.

TheSaint1767d ago

Took the words right out of my mouth.

BIGBOSS081767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

even US is impossible at this point. last month xbox one had some crazy deals but still didnt improve sales that much. only sold like 10k more than PS4 in the whole month. i mean come on.. one week of japan sales negates that 10k. the only way xbox one is coming back is if it starts outselling PS4 in the US by 500k a month and even the most delusional xbox fans know that aint happening. very annoying and ignorant opinion piece. please take a look at the facts first and than form your opinion.

trooper_1767d ago

Funniest thing I've read all week. The S may give the XB1 a boost in the U.S but worldwide? You might as well pray that unicorns are real.

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Abash1768d ago

With the PS4 having a 20 million lead in console sales, it would be a miracle for the Xbox brand to regain the console market. The only reason why the Xbox 360 had a lead over the PS3 for a while is because the PS3 had a horrible launch, was very expensive compared to the 360, and it came out a full year after the 360.

As long as the PlayStation brand never suffers those missteps, it will always have the console market. The brand just has strong appeal in every territory.

Lord_Kratos1768d ago ShowReplies(16)
TheCommentator1768d ago

The XB1 will never catch up in sales, but they can regain trust in a lot of people if the One S proves its value, if Scorpio is all the beast they say it is, and (most importantly) if their more than a dozen or so unannounced titles have more diversity and appeal than current MS titles do.


The PS3 caught up took almost it's entire life cycle to do so but it did and only in it's last quarter did the PS3 have games worth talking about

TheCommentator1768d ago

You are right about that, Daemon, but Sony had strong sales the whole generation and came out a year later. Utimate 81commented below about PS3's deficit being only 8 million, compared to 20 million for XB1, and he is right. To add to that, Sony came out with tons of games at the end of the generation, which is why I said MS needs to focus on games. They need diversity and more choices to make a decent comeback in this gen. I perfer MS anyways, but we have to be realistic about the expectations we have from them going forwards.

IamTylerDurden11768d ago

Scorpio is a yr and a half away, does that really factor in atm? Let's stay in reality shall we?

TheCommentator1768d ago

Right, Tyler, because reality couldn't possibly be 18 months away. Nobody sets out a roadmap for success, they just wake up one day and say, "I think now would be a good time to be number one in sales!", wave their magic wands and... shazam, Instant success!!!

Companies also should stop wasting time calculating sales goals, quit starting to design consoles 5 years ahead of time, stop making plans to get astraunauts to Mars...

Whatever, dude. Even the headline says, "... the first sign..", which kind of indicates additional steps beyond the launch of the One S, you know? Let's stay in reality indeed.

butchertroll1767d ago

Quote :

Provide a link to the Scorpio Is A New Gen Console articles or pipe down... I'll be waiting


Scorpio is a next-gen console in terms of power compared to Xbone and PS4. Around 4x more power compared to PS4 and Xbone IS NOT A SMALL DIFFERENCE. You don't need link for that. It's a logical conclusion.

meka26111767d ago Show
TheCommentator1767d ago

Alright, Grubster, since power is the only thing that determines next gen, then why is PS3 as powerful as current gen consoles on paper? I guess PS4 and XB1 aren't next gen compared to last gen then, right?

+ Show (5) more repliesLast reply 1767d ago

It took Sony almost the entire lifespan of the PS3 to come out on top so it's possible! Especially when the cycle isn't over yet and another iteration of the x1 family is yet to ne released! Never say never also with oculus set to win the VR market the x1 is certainly in a good place there! ;)

UltimateOne881768d ago

Yeah - the PS3 was only 8 million behind though last gen and it took the whole gen for Sony to catch up. This gen Microsoft is behind 20 million so no it's not possible for Microsoft to catchup.

Antnee5341768d ago

The Scorpio is a new console generation. They ducked out of this war with ps4 to kick start the next war and try to beat the ps5 to the market will it work I don't know.
I do know I will have a neo and Scorpio when they are released

TheCommentator1768d ago

Antnee, and the others spreading rumors, please stop with the Scorpio is new gen garbage. It plays the same games as XB1 does and uses the same accessories as well. Just because it is rumored to be way more powerful than Neo doesn't mean it's new gen either. PS3 was twice as powerful on paper as the 360, also released a year later like Scorpio will, yet was considered the same generation as 360 was.

Provide a link to the Scorpio Is A New Gen Console articles or pipe down... I'll be waiting.

Segata1767d ago

On top? it was over 20 million behind Wii. PS3 was in third place all of last gen.

GrubsterBeater1767d ago

@The Commentator

The Scorpio IS a next gen console.

The beauty of the XBOX service right now is that it will continue to be backward and forward compatible moving forward, because it is basically just a higher spec'd PC. They can pretend it is a current gen console, when in reality it isn't. Just because they aren't saying it IS a new generation consoles, doesn't mean it's not. If they did say it was, then it would almost be an admittance of defeat.

Christopher1767d ago

***Just because it is rumored to be way more powerful than Neo doesn't mean it's new gen either.***

You just described exactly why it's a next-gen system. Hardware determines the generation, not the software.

TheCommentator1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Grubster, your logic is flawed because you're basically saying that MS' console is now like a PC. That would mean it was neither mid gen nor next gen, which coroborates why I think that MS is abandoning the notion of generations entirely.

Really, Christopher? As usual, see what you want in a post and ignore what doesn't fit your agenda. Tell me a few things since you can't provide links...

If hardware decides the generation, then tell me what architecture is Scorpio using that makes it next gen compared to Neo's hardware? Oh, you don't know that? So you're just making assumptions.

For that matter, what architecture is Neo using? Oh, that hasn't been revealed either? I see, more assumptions.

Why did you ignore the parallels I made to the last generation of hardware? Because it clearly refutes your claim without making PS3 a different generation than 360? Okay, I got it. It doesn't fit your assumptions so you ignore it completely.

Why does Scorpio still use all of the same accessories, games, and apps as the XB1, while the only exclusivity comes from VR support? I'll just stop here because... assumptions.

What you suggest as proof is actually conjecture because no one knows what the differences are in the architecture of the new consoles yet. We don't know enough about either new console to say why Neo is a mid gen upgrade any more than we can say if Scorpio is or not. It's sad that in order to make yourselves feel better about liking Sony, you guys have to "make. believe" that MS is giving up on XB1 to launch a new console, while Sony is doing so well that Neo is a supplement to the current PS4 ecosystem. They main difference is that Neo is rumored to be 2.5x more powerful while Scorpio is rumored to be 4.5x more powerful. What they do for their respective companies is the same.

So again, I ask anybody to show any evidence, in any article, where there is confirmation from MS that Scorpio is either a mid gen refresh or next gen hardware. I've shown plenty of anecdotal evidence which indicates that you guys are wrong. You guys show nothing in return.

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Segata1767d ago

They can't "regain" something they never had as well.

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YinYangGaming1768d ago

The only territories realistically is the US and UK, anything else is dominated by the PlayStation brand

LoveSpuds1768d ago

Not even close in the UK either I suspect.

Lsbb1768d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Won't have a chance in the UK

@scotty I know this because it has always been this way.

Scottyxboxoneandps41768d ago

Wont have a chance in the uk? You know this because?
Im not sure what has sold what, but i do know the xbox brand is still very popular over here in the uk.
What i find weird also is the fact playing online on my ps4 i rarely bump into any british folk, while on xbox their all over the place. Alot of ps4's must be just used offline in the uk..

SniperControl1768d ago ShowReplies(1)
Segata1767d ago

Nah UK is pretty Sony heavy and always has.

Christopher1767d ago

Last generation it was led by the 360 in the UK... So, not 'always has'. It's also the second strongest market for Xbox One. UK and US are the two most mixed markets compared to other regions.

Kurt Russell1767d ago

I am UK. Currently own PS4 having come from 360. Interested in a OneS as I have a 4k TV with currently no 4k input device. I am first waiting to hear details on Neo though. If that's out in a couple of months I'll upgrade, if it's going to be a while I am getting a OneS 500gb :)

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Garethvk1768d ago

then the Neo and PS VR come out and PS pulls even further ahead.

FITgamer1768d ago

Yep, and the people who actually believe that the only reason the PS4 is selling better because of power will be stunned. I personally don't know a single person who bought a PS4 because it was more powerful than the Xbox One, it's just bonus.

starchild1768d ago

I know several people who bought the PS4 largely because it was the most powerful console. It certainly played a role in my decision to buy it too.

I haven't seen a single person say that power is the ONLY reason the PS4 is selling well. That would be ridiculous. So why are some of you building this straw man that that is what people are saying?

I personally think it played a fairly significant role in the PS4's success. BUT now that the PS4 has sold so well and many of us are already invested in the PlayStation ecosystem it's going to be a lot harder for the XB1/Scorpio to catch up than if they had been more powerful right from the beginning. That's what happened in the PS2 generation too.

SmielmaN1768d ago

Power helped. Games brought gamers. Imo

Christopher1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

***I know several people who bought the PS4 largely because it was the most powerful console. It certainly played a role in my decision to buy it too. ***

That and the lower price due to no add-on device I don't want (Kinect) is why I bought it. As far as "games" it is always pretty much third-party games that sell the most on both systems.

Scorpio could come and bring the power and turn the tables. I'm not saying it's certain, but it's definitely possible.


X1 Scorpio, Oculus rift and Windows 10

Garethvk1768d ago

Dated OS by the time it launches.

Antnee5341768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Well windows 10 is not a plus in the slightest. It might be better than 8 but not by much.
The rift might do it a disservice due to it being 600 on top of a most likely 600 to 700 dollar console at least.
Also Scorpio is not going to be an x1 it will end up being a new generation console that is a 100% backwards compatible.