10 Ways No Man's Sky is Different From Its Pre-Release Trailers

No Man's Sky looks a lot different now than it did when it was first announced.

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gangsta_red1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Agreed. Especially with the animal part. I have seen just some straight up ugly looking creatures and it's because they look like they have been slapped together randomly by the game pulling from different files that contains alien body parts.

Then they all just awkwardly run around all jerky because their anatomy and physiology are so off.

Truly some hilarious moments, I feel like God and putting them out of their misery is the best option for them.

The universe is truly a cruel place :(

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LordMaim1206d ago

I've seen some ugly creatures, and I've seen some awesome creatures. Its only some of the more bizarre skeletal structures that I've seen that cause problems with the animation, but for the most part they're pretty solid.

kraenk121206d ago

It's the same with people on earth, isn't it?!

Cussing1206d ago

I have seen some really screwed up ones but i've also seen some really cool ones, Like T-rex with 6 legs it's Banaynay.

mixelon1206d ago

Random creatures gives so much potential for alarmingly stupid looking animals.. :D Ive seen some awesome ones as well though so i dunno. They're around.

Sciurus_vulgaris1206d ago

You creeped out by the human-faced, shaved cow alien with chicken feet?

Aenea1206d ago

Nope, not creeped out! Drumsticks and steak all rolled into one creature! Awesome, let's fire up the BBQ!

Aloy-Boyfriend1206d ago

There are tons of planets in the Universe, the pre release trailer ones may still be one of them. Just saying...

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mkis0071206d ago

This "article" was written much to soon...

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The story is too old to be commented.