Are We Ready For 4K Gaming?

Jeremy says, "This is an auspicious question to be certain but a question loaded with complexity as well as ambiguity: not the least of which is concerning the prospect of actual console games functioning in any realistic measure with high levels of graphical fidelity at full wack 3840 x 2160 (aka “4K”, or 2160p) resolution."

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DarthPraxis1214d ago

Oh come on 2Pac, you know you want that amazing 4K TV! :)

2pacalypsenow1214d ago

I have a Sony X930c and a Samsung 4k monitor using a GTX1080, So I can say gamers are not ready, technology/price is not there yet and most gamers are too cheap to invest in it.

GamingIVfun1214d ago

4k only makes a real difference if you are sitting close to them like with a PC or you have a screen larger than 60 inches. Unless you sit really close to your tv your not really going to see a big difference as far as resolution, HDR makes a difference but not all 4k tv's have it.

I own a 55 inch 4k samsung TV and a 40 inch LG TV and from normal viewing Distance can't see a real difference but up close on the Samsung you can tell the difference. Just my experience.

YinYangGaming1214d ago

I have a 4K TV, I've seen the benefits of 4K HDR, I'm ready, my TV is ready and next year I'll have a console that's ready too.

PixelOmen1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

You seem to be confused, this is about 4K gaming, consoles won't be doing that for at least 5 years, probably longer. Even the shiny new Titan X ($1200) has trouble keeping a consistent 60fps @ 4K in most new games.

YinYangGaming1214d ago

Let's revisit this next year when Microsoft show games running on Scorpio at native 4k.

Rude-ro1214d ago

Let's. I can guarantee you, there will be no major AAA games running anywhere near 4K @ 60fps. If 1080p 60fps is next to impossible this gen, do you truly believe you will get 4K 30fps stable games next year even when Microsoft has stated that it is up to the developers if 4K will be an option.
What you will most likely get is 1080p 60fps HDR gaming with high settings.

kevnb1214d ago

According to Microsoft the console that launched in 2013 would do some 4k games and 1080p 60fps no problem. This is why it's hard to believe anything they say.

marioJP871214d ago

No, consoles will NOT be efficiently ready for 4K gaming. So many clueless gamers in this regard.

DarthPraxis1214d ago

2Pac, you make a valid point, which I illustrated in my article that we aren't "quite" there yet as far as penetrating the mass market for 4K gaming specifically. But 4K televisions and monitors (albiet it higher input lag monitors) have come down to the affordable price point much faster then 1080p displays did from their initial introduction, which will excellerate demand for 4K "content". Whether Scorpio or Neo will be able to properly illustrate the differences between 2160p and 1080p remains to be seen!

2pacalypsenow1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

Its not just about resolution though the game should have 4k+ textures which require more horsepower, I was playing manhunt 2 the other day on PC in 4k resolution it just looks cleaner but the textures were muddy as hell. Just blowing up the resolution to 4k is not enough, and unless the games are rendered in 4k natively its basically upscalling like Blu ray players do to DVD's its not native 4k or UHD.

Great article btw

crazychris41241214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

Were almost there. Need some more content, cheaper TVs, lower input lag with or without HDR and ability to capture 4K. These companies usually show off their new TVs and other products like home audio in the 1st quarter of every year so you should have a good idea of what you can buy within 6 months.

Revolt131214d ago

my body is ready, however the market is not...

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The story is too old to be commented.