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Does No Man's Sky live up to the masses of hype that have followed it since its reveal? New addition to the Gameondaily team, Mike D reviews the game and shares his thoughts.

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Filmicfps1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

lol @ the title

"Does No Man's Sky live up to the masses of hype that have followed it since its reveal? "

no where even close. but it looks like a solid game. too many ppl are obsessed with 9 and 10 nowadays;.

Septic1208d ago

True to an extent. Yes it looks like its definitely been overhyped. Partly our fault really for hyping it up so much but also due to what appears to be the shortcomings of this game.

Still, the reception has been mixed. Many love it and others think its a bore.

The game was always going to be divisive. I imagine a lot of people wouldn't care for something like Elite Dangerous at all.

I do agree though that there is an obsession for 9+ scores and anything below that is deemed to be a failure.

DrakeFan11208d ago

It is funny how we always find Septic and Gangsta Red at the same time and space and downplaying a game for a console they don't own. What is also funny is this review came from Septic's very own site and surprise surprise, he gave it a 6.

Septic1208d ago

I didn't review the game genius

thorstein1208d ago

I agreed because I want to know what "masses of hype"are.

Septic1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

Gluttonous hype ☺

gangsta_red1208d ago

It's a great start, I know there has been other games like this before but now there needs to be a developer that can take this concept and build a lot more around it to make it more interesting and

This game though has confirmed my earlier worries about it before release. How long would this hold some gamers attention and how long can it stay interesting. After the second day I already grown tired and bored of the game. There were a couple of exciting moments where a pirate wanted to mess with me but other than that, a very somber experience.

1208d ago