Gears of War 4 - Official PC Requirements Revealed

Microsoft has just revealed the official PC requirements for Gears of War 4.

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crazychris41241211d ago

80 GB is insane, are Hillary's emails hidden in the game??

Idiedgoodbye1211d ago

Your not crazy for thinking like that.
Crooked Hillary lied to the FBI

Dabigsiebowski1210d ago

Trump and Hillary are both jokes. Both are as bad as one another.

SniperControl1211d ago

Jesus, no game should require 16gb of RAM, thats just overkill. I thought dx12 was supposed to be more refined for gaming and lowering spec requirements.
QB has a 16gb requirement and i can run that at [email protected] on ultra on my PC with 10gb of ram with no problems.

kickerz1211d ago

It dosnt require 16 gig. It requires 8 gig. 16 gig is just ideal . Meaning if u want ultra settings

SniperControl1211d ago

but yes i do want ultra settings and yes i do game on ultra settings,16gb is just overkill and unnecessary.

DARK_WOLF1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

16gb for a gaming pc isnt even that much these days its pretty standard actually. Quit complaining. 4K requires bigger specs

Charybdis1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

Ideally you will need 16gb. At minimum it requires 8 gb, once you hit your ram limit it starts to use page filing. Obviously frame rate and optimal graphic options will depend on your rig.

Gitgud1211d ago

first game that I know that uses 16gb ram. 80 gb is alot too, they should cut the gigs down man.

DARK_WOLF1211d ago

4k gaming. Cant stay same spec requirements forever

Kreisen1211d ago ShowReplies(2)
iistuii1211d ago

I'm on the ideal nvidia spec bring it on, can't wait..

1210d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.